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Weekly Links Are Twittering

I recently got hat tips from The ReadExpress.com Blog Log and the Blah, Blah, Blah blog roll. Thanks to these respective groups. I also won an award last night from my Dale Carnegie Leadership class (which just wrapped up) for the most contributions to the class. What a surprise and an honor, too.

Well, I hate it when new technologies make me feel like a luddite, and Twitter is doing that right now. I just can’t imagine blogging like this via my phone, via PDAs, etc. Yet Twitter is the new social networking rage! Brian Solis from PR 2.0 did a great write-up of Twitter, stating its case. I like what Brian’s got to say about new media in general, so look for him this week as our next interview subject.

Top Rank Online Marketing blogger Lee Odden (appropriately named given the top 200 ranking on Technorati) has a great entry on basics for online reputation management. He does a good job of reviewing ways to combat negative search results caused by the Wild West of blog slingers out there.

Ugh’s Greymatter Honeypot has a good entry that highlights a recent media story on how blogs can be your best marketing tool. The article, “goes into a number of ways you can tap into the medium, from pitching your wares directly to bloggers to setting up your own blog, and also includes a number of tips on how to structure the information.”

Brief LComm note: I’ve got some help now. We are able to handle new business from several folks, and that feels good. I’m able to meet demand again. I am now making the move towards the more corporate, team-oriented Buzz Bin blog, as well as having the new site written.

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