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The Booze Bin

Top 5 Ways To Use A Wine Shut Down To Your Advantage

With the recent activity (or lack thereof) in Washington, I got to thinking – what would happen in the U.S., let alone the world, if the winemakers were to shut down? Wine production would come to a standstill; grapevines would become abandoned in the fields; restaurants would offer a water list in lieu of wine; liquor stores would have nothing to replenish their inventory. Basically, it wouldn’t be a world worth living in. That’s where PR comes in! As a PR professional who happens to work on a rather large wine account, how would I handle this, or use it to my (client’s) advantage? Here’s a top 5 gif-inspired way in said world:

5) Call up the top Michelin-starred restaurants and demand private tastings to “sample” the food in exchange for remaining bottles of wine

4) Email all the editors who were ever mean to you and tell them you would have shared the wine, but now, it’s TOO LATE

3) Meet Oprah (just ’cause)

2) Offer The TODAY Show producers bottles of wine for their personal stash in exchange for booze coverage

1) Get a new coffee or tea client

About Rebekah Polster:

With more than 10 years of experience in marketing and public relations, Rebekah serves as an account supervisor in PadillaCRT's New York office. Since joining PadillaCRT in spring 2012, Rebekah has and continues to work on accounts in both the Food & Beverage and Consumer Practices. Rebekah’s diverse background in public relations, marketing, event planning and account management has been tapped for overseeing major media, trade and consumer events, including day-of events and guerilla marketing, as well as small intimate tastings and media meetings.