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The Socialprise

Today, we are happy to publish The Socialprise, a white paper/e-book that discusses the impact of social media on enterprises. The Socialprise examines the real marketing impact of conversations, and moves beyond marketing to discuss the importance of collaboration and co-creation in a competitive global marketplace.

An excerpt:

Global enterprises of all sizes are facing the first sea change since the industrial revolution. The impact of information technology has accelerated, creating two-way communication tools that are rapidly changing the very nature of business through collaborative co-creation, conversational and crowd-sourcing tools. The end result is an unprecedented socialization of business, and hyper-engaged group of stakeholders within the company fold.

Like all of the Now Is Gone chapters with the exception of Chapter Six, the first draft of The Socialprise was originally published as a series of Buzz Bin posts earlier this year titled Social Media’s Role within Global Business. If there is a second edition of Now Is Gone, a further developed version of The Socialprise will be included as a later chapter.

Download the Socialprise today.

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6 Comments on “The Socialprise

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  2.  by  Marc Perramond

    Geoff, I really enjoyed your white paper and have started to dig into your take on the term socialprise (your earlier posts on social media + business were also great… looks like your book needs to be on my short list, no time to wait for the 2nd edition!)

    Your white paper inspired me to write a post explaining the origins of the portemanteau “socialprise”, the phenomena we were trying to describe with it, and the surprisingly viral rate of adoption since its public “birth” in March. (From 0 hits on Google the morning of March 18th to 22,500 hits just 3+ months later.)

    I’m flabbergasted by the amount of traction the term has gotten in so little time as well as the range of ideas, concepts, and frameworks that have adopted it. I’m excited to see how the term and various definitions continue to evolve. It’s in the hands of the media now… which is all of us.

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