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The Ideal Content Mix for PR, SEO and Social Media Success

By Jason Poulos (@TheSaganaki)

With the convergence of digital marketing tactics, it’s pretty clear that the core to a successful digital strategy is content. Just about every SEO expert, content/digital marketer should agree with the age old “content is king” statement. It’s no secret that if you want to rank in a search engine, generate leads or get the most “likes” or “tweets” you need unique, valuable, and quality driven content on your website.

I continue to push our clients and my co-workers to generate content but the true question is “what type of content should get created?” Whether its a article, infographic or press release, content should fall into one of these three main buckets outlined below. Creating a content plan that varies itself across these silos will help establish your client from a relevancy, expertise and authority standpoint.

 1. Evergreen Content

  • Definition: Just as the name implies, evergreen content is “always fresh” (forever green) and not relative to one specific moment in time. Evergreen content is pretty general and will bring visitors to a website for a long period of time. This type of content helps establish the basics that define your business or objectives.
  • Content Example: Creating a keyword rich article on a website that isn’t time sensitive. I.E. creating a “benefits of maple syrup” section on purecanadamaple.com
  • Establishes: Relevance as the content created is relative to business objectives and searches.
  • Ideal for: SEO/SEM

2.Brand Content

  • Definition: Content that highlights your companies accolades, work and expertise.
  • Content Example: Press releases, white papers and case studies.
  • Establishes: Expertise
  • Ideal for: PR

3. Industry Content

  • Definition: Content that provides insight into your businesses overarching industry.
  • Example: Blog posts, infogrpahics and other insightful content.
  • Establishes: Authority
  • Ideal for: SEO, PR, Social Media

Photo from Scott Meis

About Jason Poulos:

With a degree in communication design from VCU as well as experience in web development and digital marketing, Jason brings a unique blend of assets to PadillaCRT. In 2012 Jason helped win 4 awards for his SEO work on PureCanadaMaple.com. Outside of his digital work, Jason enjoys brewing his own beer and restoring his1970 Chevrolet Nova. Jason is a new father and enjoys spending time with his family and his 150-pound English Mastiff.

4 Comments on “The Ideal Content Mix for PR, SEO and Social Media Success

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