2014 Digital Trends: A Conversation with Mom it Forward

It’s no surprise that with the New Year comes even more opportunities for brands to grow in the digital space. To get a better understanding of what’s to be expected this year, I sat down with Mom it Forward, a leading social media community and worldwide network dedicated to enhancing the lives of women, their [...]

6 Behind the Scenes Lessons of a Video Gone Viral

The “let’s make a viral video” request makes me cringe a little inside. Why? Well for one, what really constitutes a viral video? And second, you can never be absolutely sure something will catch fire and spread. There is always an element of uncertainty in creating a viral video. This is why I don’t believe [...]

3 Trends Driving Video Consumption

With video consumption skyrocketing, 2013 is shaping up to be the year of the video. Cisco has predicted that in less than four years’ time, video viewing will be bigger than Facebook and Twitter, making up 69 percent of consumer internet traffic. In many cases, people are more likely to watch a video than read [...]

Are You as Social Media-Savvy as You Think?

Best Practices for Engaging on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Blogs I had the opportunity to attend the second Annual Fashion Forward Conference in New York City on Wednesday, bringing together 100 of the nation’s top female social media mavens. A variety of sessions and panels were held on various topics, but the most noteworthy was [...]

Make Mine Video: 3 Tips To Create Great Video Content

I have to admit I’m a bit of a video junkie. I married a video producer years ago and have watched as this wonderful medium has evolved to become an essential component of marketing. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right video is easily worth the great American novel.  Exactly how [...]

From Gutenberg to the Flash Mob – Marketing Innovation at its Finest

For centuries, marketers have tried to capture consumers’ attention. Some of the earliest ways were Gutenberg’s mass production of flyers and brochures (1450), then the emergence of magazines (1730s), advertising including billboards (1800s), radio and electronic computers in the 1900s and late 1900s, e-commerce in the ‘70s, and the ever-popular guerilla marketing in the ‘80s [...]

Combine PR and SEM for Video Marketing Success

Opportunity exists in video marketing. To achieve ultimate video marketing success combine search engine marketing and PR into your next video campaign.

Viral Videos: Can Wine Brands Compete With Everyone Else?

THE BOOZE BIN By Rebekah Polster (@BekInBklyn) If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? If you make a video for a client, post it on YouTube and it doesn’t go viral, did it ever happen? Sadly, yes. On the bright side though, you’re not alone. [...]

Pitching Multi-Platform Stories Increases Your Chances of Getting Your Story Covered

By Veronica Hunt It’s not news that newsrooms across the country are increasingly challenged to bring the same level of quality reporting with reduced staff and lower budgets. After spending a few days with journalists from across the country at the Society of Professional Journalists’ Annual Conference and listening to their challenges, it’s apparent that [...]

Three Key Learnings from What’s Next DC

By Nikki Parrotte (@nikki_parrotte) Last Monday, I attended marketing communications and social media conference, What’s Next DC hosted by Green Buzz Agency. The conference attracted public relations and social media enthusiasts alike, offering plentiful speaker sessions and opportunities for networking with peers. Intended to ignite a social spark, much of the conference tied into strategic [...]