Overlooked Wines You Need In Your Life

Few beverages are as old as wine, and thank goodness! I can’t imagine our ancestors making it through the ups and downs of humanity’s evolution without it. I mean, where would the great literature of the world be without wine? Or great romances for that matter? For most of our history as wine drinkers, we have […]

How the Media Influences What We Eat, Drink and Crave

Man photographing plate of food at restaurant table

Recently, the New York chapter of Les Dames D’Escoffier hosted The Next Big Bite, a discussion at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), which explored how the media is shaping public conversation and consumption of food and beverages. Moderated by Martha Teichner, Emmy Award Winning CBS News Correspondent, panelists Chef Carla Hall (ABC’s The Chew, […]

What Does the Premiumization Boom Mean for Wine Marketers?

Woman drinking white wine on patio

Though this change had been sneaking up on us ever since the U.S. economy got back on its feet, 2015 marked the official start of the wine industry’s “trading up” trend, which I optimistically viewed as a sign that the ever-maturing American palate had no turning back. Finally! What the wine trade calls “premiumization” (or, […]

What You Should Be Drinking This Fall: Five Trend Predictions

The very definition of the word trend means to veer in a general direction or to show a tendency. Below are five beverages on my radar for the coming months, rooted in hard data but sourced from what I’m seeing and hearing in the New York scene. Fresh cocktails The surge of nutritionally-aware (if not nutritionally-balanced) cocktails […]

Telling the Tale: Two Beverage Brands That Get it Right

Today’s consumers are savvier than ever, with ever-increasing access to their favorite brands via social media. Marketers are tasked with identifying their target customer and developing a strategy that tells the authentic story of their brand. From gender-specific marketing to retelling a historic tale of an iconic brand, below are two examples of beverage brands that […]

My Cava Obsession Explained

There is nothing more perfect and refreshing than popping open that soothing, sparkling goodness known as Cava.  Whether at the beach, after work in NYC or following a great hike with my wife, sipping Cava is kick back relaxation in a glass. If you aren’t familiar with it, then yes, you are missing out on […]

Sour Ale: A Beer for Wine Drinkers

The adult beverage market is as vast as the sea, with ever changing tides to keep marketers on their toes. The explosion of the craft beer movement has brought a lot of recent attention to sour ales, which are popping up all over. Just when you thought you were learning the difference between porter and […]

Three Important Things to Consider in Wine and Spirits Event Marketing

Over the past six years at the agency, I’ve had the opportunity to work across a variety of industries, from consumer and technology to education and healthcare. Most recently I’ve broadened my experience into the spirits industry in the capacity of media relations and event marketing for a vodka and whisky brand. Personally, I found […]

Reviving Beer: Why National Beer Day Matters

‘Twas the day before #NationalBeerDay, and marketers everywhere Were scratching their heads and wondering, “Why do we need another made-up “holiday?” Is it an arbitrary date on the calendar, selected by marketers to increase product promotion? Does anyone even care? The story of National Beer day begins during drier times in the United States. Prohibition, […]

How to run a press trip: Five tips to ensure successful outcomes

I’ve been fortunate to be a guest at, as well as organize, press trips to wine regions around the world. Recently I’ve been asked to share best practices for hosting groups. Below are my five tips for structuring a successful visit. 1. Plan in advance. People’s schedules book up. If you have identified people that […]