3 Must-See Infographics If You Work in Wine

By the end of January, I’ve usually read my fair share of trend reports and PR guidelines for the upcoming year. While the amount of forecasts is daunting, really good predictions are rare gems. Since we reigned in the New Year 22 days ago, I’ve seen a handful of infographics that are actually worth saving [...]

Toast the Top 3 Wine Trends of 2014

A few things happen chez moi every January. I throw away all leftover Christmas cookies, lock the cellar (this is short lived) and purge my house of all signs of anything delicious. Beyond that, the post-holiday haze also comes with some trends forecasting. Well, tick tock, it’s time for my super sweet, wine trends list [...]

3 New Year’s Resolutions to Keep it Fresh: Inspiration for Wine Advertisers

It’s a new year — the perfect time to create fresh, inspiring goals for your advertising campaign. If you are a seasoned advertiser, you know the challenges of making your brand stand out among a sea of wine bottle ads. Take a peek at any wine publication or website…it’s a sea of the same. Given [...]

Merry Christmas Wine Nerds – Top 6 Wine Blogs and E-Zines of 2013

It is December again and with yet another year coming to a close, I find myself in a reflecting and sentimental mood; maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, or maybe it’s just the nostalgia evoked by the intoxicating blend of nutmeg aromas, Christmas music and embarrassing amounts of tinsel strewn around town. No matter the reason, [...]

The State of the Wine App (Part 2)

It’s been nearly a month since I downloaded, in the name of research, a handful of wine-oriented apps onto my iPhone and now it’s time to report my observations. People think that drinking wine and fiddling with your iPhone is all fun and games but I say, “Science!”. So, the results: out of the 8 [...]

3 Ways the Government Shutdown Makes for a Serious Hangover

                  Going on week two of the Federal Government shutdown, and this is getting real. From support for needy mothers and their newborns to clinical trials for cancer patients to benefits for servicemen and their families, there are endless, heartbreaking stories of affected people, programs and agencies, [...]

What am I?

The wine publicist is a creature as frequently misunderstood as the product we find ourselves representing. PR professionals occupy an interesting position within the hierarchy of the wine industry; we don’t traffic in sales in the same way as the distributors or importers who haul suitcases of samples during the slow hours of the day. Nor, [...]

Drinking Without the Buzz

  Today marks my 23rd day straight without a drink. No wine, no beer, no cocktails, not even a spritzer to speak of. No chip to celebrate on the horizon, either. This period of abstention has not been voluntary, but rather came about due to some health issues. I’m fine now and actually headed towards [...]

The Hunt for ROI – Social Media Meets E-Commerce

Last week was a big week in the social media wine nerd landscape. If you run a marketing campaign using social media, you know the first word out of your client’s mouth is, “seriously, what’s the ROI in this?” As my pal, Paul Mabray, repeats like a mantra when it comes to this question, “there [...]

New Kings of Summer? Wines & Liquors are Taming the BBQ Flame

The BOOZE BIN By Laura Petrosky (@chronic_ally) A group of friends, a grilled steak and a beer – sounds like an unshakable American tradition, right? As eight out of ten Americans fire up their grill this summer, the wine and spirits industry is seeing a huge opportunity to make us rethink what to drink while [...]