More Flavored Vodka? Absolut-ly!

It’s hard to imagine there is market demand for yet another new flavored vodka. The number of SKUs is staggering and there’s no end in sight. According to several industry sources, the popularity of flavored vodkas is soaring. Between 2010 and 2012, volume increased 38 percent. Of the 171 vodkas introduced in 2012, 122 were [...]

TO RUSSIA, WITH NO LOVE – The Case of STOLI & 3 Ways to Avoid Badmouthing a Rival

The Booze Bin By Laura Petrosky (@chronic_ally) Many people who work in the alcoholic beverage industry got their inboxes flooded with #dumpstoli emails last month. For those of you who were on sunning on the beach with a vodka tonic, here is what happened: Following the decree of the anti-LGBT laws in Russia, LGBT activists [...]

From Rap Lyrics to Burlesque Shows – How Beverage Brands Win with Celebrity Partners

By Emily Valentine (@ebvalentine) Brands and celebrities have long led a symbiotic existence. Whether through paid endorsements or acts of serendipity, stars throughout the years have proven their trendsetting power by driving product sales and putting unknown brands on the map. Consequently, for as long as the concept of brand (or corporate image) has existed, [...]