Toast the Top 3 Wine Trends of 2014

A few things happen chez moi every January. I throw away all leftover Christmas cookies, lock the cellar (this is short lived) and purge my house of all signs of anything delicious. Beyond that, the post-holiday haze also comes with some trends forecasting. Well, tick tock, it’s time for my super sweet, wine trends list [...]

Craft Beer and Social Media Move In-Step

I am a born and bred New Yorker and a rabid Yankees fan. I curse too much. Behind the wheel, you would know pretty instantly where I learned to drive. With most of my tight knit family in the Northeast, there is really no good reason for me to have moved 400 miles south to [...]

You survived the legislative session. Now what?

6 Tips to Better Position Yourself in the Year Ahead   By Missy Neff Gould (@NeffGould) Here in Virginia the legislative session is coming to an end. This is the time when government affairs professionals go back to their normal offices away from the capital, the time when they all rest up, get reacquainted with [...]

Never Underestimate the Power of “Plain-Speak”

Plain, simple terms get people’s attention. The Virginia General Assembly abortion legislation is one prime public relations lesson of how the power of plain-spoken words can trump the jargon.

A Road Less Traveled: Three Ways to Make the Trending Topic List

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) Last month, Justin Bieber’s love of pure maple syrup (and Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers) unexpectedly put my client atop the coveted Twitter trending list. Maple Syrup was a trending topic not only in the U.S., but around the world all day. While gaggles of teenage girls [...]

Greenies, do not despair. Obama has not forsaken you

By Mike Mulvihill Young climate activists, who worked to mobilize voters in order to elect President Obama, are expressing great disappointment in the President’s recent announcement to expand oil leasing into large areas off the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico, It’s Getting Hot in Here (dispatches from the youth climate movement) dismays their generation is [...]

Out Social Media’ing the Democrats

by Mike Mulvihill Photo: voxefx  I have lived in several places throughout the east and Midwest, but I spent my formative years (8 to 18) in the garden spot of the Garden State and I have now lived in Richmond, Va., for the past 19 years (my longest stint so far in one city/location). So [...]