Mobile: Why hasn’t NFC caught on? Because it’s awkward

I was catching up on my tech reading on a quiet afternoon, and I found myself perusing an article about one of my favorite topics – the newest in mobile devices. I was reading a piece about the new Moto X that mentioned it features NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities, like most other Android phones. [...]

Drinking Without the Buzz

  Today marks my 23rd day straight without a drink. No wine, no beer, no cocktails, not even a spritzer to speak of. No chip to celebrate on the horizon, either. This period of abstention has not been voluntary, but rather came about due to some health issues. I’m fine now and actually headed towards [...]

2012 in Retrospect, A look back at Mobile, Search and Social Predictions

By Jason Poulos (@TheSaganaki) In late 2011 I wrote a blog post that highlighted 5 web trends that discussed where the digital landscape might end up in 2012. Now that 2012 is said and done, I wanted to take a look back and see if my trend predictions for 2012 were accurately fulfilled. I may [...]

The State of Search Engine Optimization and Where It’s Going

By Jason Poulos(@TheSaganaki) My post from last week talked about some digital trends and tactics for 2013 but I didn’t really focus too much on SEO. I talked about a few paid search trends but I wanted to dedicate a full post to really cover where things are headed and the perception of search engine [...]

Facebook Live Marketing Talks: Driving Brand Engagement

By Alyson Campbell (@acampfashion) Facebook hosts “Live Marketing Talks” to give brands insights into how to build their audience and engage their community. In its most recent talk on September 13, the discussion centered on what brands can do to further drive engagement using Facebook tools, with the most important brand resource tool being News [...]

Can PR, or anything, save a doomed restaurant?

by Rebekah Polster (@BekInBklyn) There are many superstitions in the restaurant world: throwing salt over the shoulder to avoid the evil eye; lighting an apron on fire to make sure it never happens again; bringing a rabbi, a priest and a witch doctor to bless a space (no, it’s true, but it does sound like [...]

America Rising for Breakfast

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan Breakfast is back! Our mothers always told us it was the most important meal of the day, and it looks like we are finally starting to catch on. Whether it is for weight management, health, energy or alertness, more Americans are eating breakfast. Still, however, less than half of Americans are [...]

5 Restaurant Food Trends from NRA

By Jason Stemm The annual restaurant show in Chicago offers a peak into the future if you know where to look. Smoked basmati rice, zero calorie noodles and All-Natural/Gluten-Free everything align with current trends, but where are things heading? Here are 5 areas to watch out for in 2012. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Nancy Kruse’s [...]

What’s Old is New Again

Last weekend, while getting dressed like an extra from the Broadway show Newsies for a 20’s-themed surprise party at the Manhattan club Prohibition, my thoughts drifted to the resurgence of trends and nostalgia for times past. Bell bottoms, leg warmers and moon boots have all had their questionable rises and returns to cultural popularity. Food [...]

Strong Perimeter Offense Key to Grocery Marketing

By Jason Stemm By some estimates, $175 million will be lost by employers in the next two days due to lower productivity resulting from the start of the NCAA tournament. Hopefully this blog post opened for you despite all the bandwidth being used by your coworkers streaming live hoops action. In the Big Dance, smart [...]