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CES 2016: 3 Tech Innovations Marketers Can Use to Reach Consumers

This week marks the 48th annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As expected, the four-day trade show is full of the top innovations in tech. Gone are the days where products showcased at CES aren’t available to consumers until the far off future. Now, with the quick progression of technology, it’s become a top […]

The Right Way to Write About Technology

Business-to-Business (B2B) technology is everywhere, and often companies are working hardest on software that we may never see. Even when you can’t see this technology, it’s affecting you—hopefully for the better. For example, B2B technology may be helping your primary care physician understand the treatment you received while in the hospital through a health information […]

2011 to Ring in Rapid Growth of Mobile Commerce with NFC

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) If 2010 was the year we learned to dabble in social and mobile commerce and to work with social media, 2011 will mark the year we learn to make these mediums work for us. While not nearly a new concept, NFC, or Near Field Communications has topped […]

Being a voyeur is not a game anymore

We like the risk of being watched. The thrill of knowing people follow your every move with rapt attention strokes the ego and makes us celebrities in our own little bubble. It started with blogs, went to lifestreaming, now location awareness with push notifications is the big game in town. So why is location based […]