Big Data: What does it mean for healthcare?

The answer: big data. Target tracked the buying habits of thousands of newly pregnant women and found many pregnant women bought fragrance-free lotions and soaps, vitamin supplements such as zinc, calcium and magnesium and cotton balls in early stages of pregnancy. This type of big data enables Target to guess a woman is pregnant and even estimate her due date based upon her purchasing habits..

3 Reasons Why Mobile Health Is an Emerging Hospital Marketing Strategy

It’s time to tackle the proverbial elephant in the room –lifestyle change. When I was doing my field work in graduate school, I shadowed a pathologist at a community hospital. He had started his career in primary care, but he eventually became so disenchanted with treating the same conditions and begging patients to make lifestyle [...]

Empathy: The Lifeblood of Effective Marketing and Advertising

By Ryan Lamont (@RyLamont) “Thanksgiving dinner’s sad and thankless. Christmas dinner’s dark and blue. When you stop and try to see it From the turkey’s point of view.” Shel Silverstein has a unique way of capturing the essence of penetrating a larger-than-life concept in an amusing and light-hearted verse. Last week we celebrated our annual [...]

Silence is the Virtue of Fools

What he probably did not anticipate was for Coca-Cola to feature a story about the ban on its own website. Seem counterintuitive?

The Art of Presenting: 10 Tips for Creating and Delivering an Exceptional Presentation

By Sam Cox (@samanthamcox) Presentation. A single word that makes many people – including even some PR professionals – shudder. Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of assisting Brian Ellis during several client presentation trainings. Brian leads our media, communication and crisis training work at CRT/tanaka, and every time I leave one [...]

Pitching Multi-Platform Stories Increases Your Chances of Getting Your Story Covered

By Veronica Hunt It’s not news that newsrooms across the country are increasingly challenged to bring the same level of quality reporting with reduced staff and lower budgets. After spending a few days with journalists from across the country at the Society of Professional Journalists’ Annual Conference and listening to their challenges, it’s apparent that [...]

How To Make a Long-term (Brand) Relationship Last: Advice From a Former Starbucks Employee

By Emily Lacy (@emstheticket) Despite what the movies might feed you (hello, childhood full of Disney!), if you’ve been part of a romantic duo that lasted beyond the initial hormonal flash in the pan, you know the truth about long-term, serious relationships: they take work. The beginning of every new relationship is exciting, filled with [...]

Facebook Live Marketing Talks: Driving Brand Engagement

By Alyson Campbell (@acampfashion) Facebook hosts “Live Marketing Talks” to give brands insights into how to build their audience and engage their community. In its most recent talk on September 13, the discussion centered on what brands can do to further drive engagement using Facebook tools, with the most important brand resource tool being News [...]

What the iPhone 5 Is Missing and Why No One Cares

By David McNamara On September 12, Apple hosted an event to announce its latest smartphone amid much feverish anticipation on the part of tech journalists and consumers. Leading up to the event were the expected rumors circulating the internet about what the new phone would be called and what new capabilities it would have. At [...]

5 Best Practices from #RaganPRBest Practices Summit

By Nikki Parrotte (@nikki_parrotte) Last week, I represented CRT/tanaka at Ragan’s PR Best Practices Summit at the Newseum in D.C. As can be expected from a Ragan event, the venue, the people and the presentations were excellent. (Thanks, @MarkRaganCEO!) Here are just a handful of the best practices as preached at the 2012 PR Best [...]