A Toast to Passion – One Path to Finding Your Voice

In life, finding a voice is speaking and living the truth. – John Grisham John Grisham is a smart guy and sells a lot of books. Whether or not you enjoy his chosen genre or style, you have to concede that he’s found his voice, and makes a good point here. I’ve been preparing to [...]

5 Ways Brands Can Maximize Their Marketing to Moms (and Dads): Key Learnings from #M2Moms 2012

 By Emily Valentine (@ebvalentine)  I’m just back from 36 very stimulating hours at the world’s premier conference on marketing to moms, and literally buzzing with all that I learned. My hands-down highlight was getting to hear from (and then speak one-on-one with!!) one of the brilliant minds behind Procter & Gamble’s universally acclaimed Thank You [...]

The Importance of Storytelling and Listening…Then Re-(tweet)telling.

THE BOOZE BIN By Cassandra Bianco (@cnbianco) Stories move us. They give us meaning and help us sequence otherwise overwhelming messages and facts. For marketers, storytelling authenticates all, especially when the big fish speaks directly in-person to the consumer. Storytelling is how to get the consumer to join your tribe. Last night I attended Australia [...]

Hospitals Need to Take a ‘Boston Med’ Approach to Marketing

By Jenn Riggle Hospitals, once viewed as the heart of the community, are suddenly the bad guys. In the past month, both Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Forbes have taken a critical look at hospital business practices, calling into question market consolidation and looking into allegations of price-fixing. This got me to thinking. Hospitals could benefit from [...]

Bring Back Storytelling. Just the facts = #epicfail

One of the evolving trends post-apocolypse is a renewed interest in storytelling, and it’s with good reason. The facts don’t suffice — never did. Executives are on the hook for a lot these days, having to stand up for all that happens in their organizations and certifying that everything adds up to those numbers you [...]