5 Steps to Nail Every Media Interview (Step 5: Practice – Out Loud!)

We’ve reached the final step in my five-step process for nailing every media interview. If you need a little refresher on how to “identify the money question and write the quote,” re-read step four on the Buzz Bin. The primary purpose for step five is to address the wing-it challenged problem. In 20 years of training, I [...]

5 Steps to Nail Every Media Interview (Step 4: Identify the Money Question & Write the Quote)

Whenever I spend time training executives about becoming more effective communicators, I always ask them to think of their favorite quote. I then ask them to count the number of words in that quote. The typical answer ranges from 4 – 8 words. The reason this is important is covered in step four of our five-step [...]

5 Steps to Nail Every Media Interview (Step 2: Develop Key Messages)

Last week I started my series of mastering media interviews with the first step – start with the questions. The key in that phase is quantity, not quality. The reason is quite simple, the more questions you develop, the less likely you will be hit with a question you didn’t prepare for. Now we focus [...]