Toast the Top 3 Wine Trends of 2014

A few things happen chez moi every January. I throw away all leftover Christmas cookies, lock the cellar (this is short lived) and purge my house of all signs of anything delicious. Beyond that, the post-holiday haze also comes with some trends forecasting. Well, tick tock, it’s time for my super sweet, wine trends list [...]

What am I?

The wine publicist is a creature as frequently misunderstood as the product we find ourselves representing. PR professionals occupy an interesting position within the hierarchy of the wine industry; we don’t traffic in sales in the same way as the distributors or importers who haul suitcases of samples during the slow hours of the day. Nor, [...]

My Love Affair With Sommelier Spokespeople + How To Make It A Happy Marriage

THE BOOZE BIN  By Laura Petrosky (@aushunmon)   I admit it – I have a professional crush on sommeliers. As PR experts, we are constant matchmakers between our clients and available spokespeople, trying hard to find “the one” person who will represent our brand best. Celebrities known for everything from movies to music, athletes, (former) politicians, [...]