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Reviving Beer: Why National Beer Day Matters

‘Twas the day before #NationalBeerDay, and marketers everywhere Were scratching their heads and wondering, “Why do we need another made-up “holiday?” Is it an arbitrary date on the calendar, selected by marketers to increase product promotion? Does anyone even care? The story of National Beer day begins during drier times in the United States. Prohibition, […]

What’s New at the SHSMD Conference and What it Means for Hospitals

Next week more than 1,000 healthcare marketing, public relations, communications and strategic planning professionals will convene in Washington, DC for the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) Annual Connections conference.  A seminal event, the conference is a great way to see what’s on the mind of professionals working at, or with, hospitals, healthcare […]

Instagram Now Insta-Search

The big news in content curation this week came from Instagram, which announced enhancements to the app that will enable users to explore real-time imagery from the world’s current events. Until now, the searchability piece was missing in the Instagram puzzle. With the new Search & Explore feature, users have an opportunity to seamlessly flip […]

Context: Six Things About the Mobile Web

One thing seems clearer and clearer.  Mobile and portable media continues to become a staple of online promotion and marketing.  Worldwide acceleration of mobile smartphones – to the tune of 130% increase in sales over the next few years – is driving the shift (image by in veritas lux). Just yesterday, I read an outstanding […]

The Mobile Revolution Accelerates

The mobile Internet revolution continues to accelerate, fueled by the latest smartphone releases from Palm, Apple and Blackberry. It’s not so important whether people prefer Blackberry, Apple or Other. What does matter is the functionality these phones bring to the market. With computing capability, broadband Internet, and GPS location ID, smartphones are capturing market interest […]

Social Means More than One

“Enough about me, what do you think about me?” “You? You? I called about me, myself and I!” Sounds like a pretty bad conversation. Yet, that’s often what you see when corporate types start promoting their wares in social channels or when “personal brands” deliver their cultivated messages to us (Sheep Meadow Image by Joe […]