Are We Trying To Do Too Much in Health Care Social Media?

Guest post by Nancy Cawley Jean I recently read an article announcing MyBCTeam, a new social network for women with breast cancer. Initially I thought, “What a wonderful idea.” The social network targets a set demographic audience, women uniquely bonded by their experience with breast cancer. It’s this unique shared bond that draws these women to [...]

Nothing’s permanent, not even death.

By Wyatt Wood It seems to be a reoccurring trend, at least in the blogosphere, to step back and evaluate the balance that time spent online (largely spent in social networks) affects our lives. This desire for balance is a good move; considering the research showing damaging physiological changes created by increasing use of social networks and the associated [...]

Why Social Media Changes Are Good

We’ve heard that the Internet is supposed to be the great equalizer. In a recent article about how hospitals are competing with smaller ad budgets, several steps were defined to almost guarantee a successful digital campaign: Having a (content) rich, useful and consumer-friendly website Advertising on popular local websites Concentrating on paid and organic search [...]

Are You My Mother? And Social Networks

by: Wyatt Wood Real life relationships are complex enough, add the digital medium with a sprinkle of ego and the relationship points become more complicated. In a social network defining relationships beyond friendship is a tough problem to solve. In the story “Are You My Mother?” by P. D. Eastman, the baby bird explores the [...]

Movements Require Discipline (Plus Updated Open Source Social Media Process)

The best measure of success for any communication effort on or offline must be the successful development of a movement. Movements encompass true word of mouth where the community embraces the call-to-action or brand and makes it their own. Yesterday, we discussed how the LIVESTRONG effort has achieved this noteworthy status. And of course, there’s [...]