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4 “Weak” Digital Marketing Metrics That Should Be Avoided

In an age where just about every action online is trackable, digital marketers can easily fall into reporting on some very shallow metrics. These common metrics are littered across the web and might appear valuable at first glance. However, prying them open and taking a deeper look, these metrics fully reveal their lackluster value. Clicks […]

Measure More: Take Your Google Analytics to Next Level with V5.0

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) Five Things You Should Know About New Google Analytics V5.0 Last week, I was speaking to the Women Grow Busines community founded by my client Network Solutions (a group of very smart women entrepreneurs in the DC region) about social media and we spent a good chunk of time discussing Google Analytics. I […]

Don’t be a Donkey Talking Social Media Metrics. Show Your C-Suite Real Business Impact

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) CEO: “I don’t care about Friends and Followers. Show Some Real Action from our Social Engagement. PR Director/Social Media Rock Star: But I spent $XXXX on getting 5k+ followers on Twitter. So it’s the fourth quarter of 2010 and some of you are probably compiling the much anticipated PR quarterly report […]