From Gutenberg to the Flash Mob – Marketing Innovation at its Finest

For centuries, marketers have tried to capture consumers’ attention. Some of the earliest ways were Gutenberg’s mass production of flyers and brochures (1450), then the emergence of magazines (1730s), advertising including billboards (1800s), radio and electronic computers in the 1900s and late 1900s, e-commerce in the ‘70s, and the ever-popular guerilla marketing in the ‘80s [...]

Overreaction Is a Bad Business

by Mike Mulvihill Last week the Virginia Senate narrowly passed (21-19) an anti-abortion bill that would require women to have an ultrasound 24 hours prior to receiving an abortion. The original bill (also passed by the Senate) was amended at the Governor’s request to strike a required transvaginal (internal) ultrasound, a more invasive procedure than [...]

Protest 101

By Mike Mulvihill This weekend, our family posted a question to our friends on FB querying if anyone knew what the Occupy Wall Street folks really wanted. The response was voluminous, but so were the array of answers and their alarming lack of clarity. As the movement continues to pick up speed in cities around [...]

NASCAR for Kid’s Cancer

By Mike Mulvihill Cookies for Kid’s Cancer was created by a former colleague who lost her six year-old son Liam after a four-year battle with a form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. She and her husband founded the non-profit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer early in Liam’s battle when they learned that 25 percent of kids [...]

Sleep Sweet Prince

By Mike Mulvihill   Life is unfair, unjust, downright merciless.  I learned Monday that an old friend lost her young son, Liam, to Neuroblastoma, a deadly form of pediatric cancer. He was just six years old.  Diagnosed when he was two, Liam’s family learned quickly that Neuroblastoma is a cancer only about 30 percent of children [...]

Social Media vs. Corporate Carpetbaggers

by Jenn Riggle Social media can help bring people together and drive social activism. And more importantly, it can help level the playing field when corporate carpetbaggers knock on people’s doors. Not unlike the California Gold Rush of 1849, oil and gas companies are moving to rural areas across the country to access the precious [...]

Live Earth: Love, the Climate

Cross-posted on my personal blog, As part of the social media team at Live Earth, I am thrilled to announce the “Love, the Climate” campaign launching today, and continuing through Friday, the 25th (landing page coming later this week). Before the Climate Bill goes to the Senate floor, Live Earth is calling upon Americans [...]

The List of Change: 125 Strong

It’s been one week since we launched the List of Change, and the response has been outstanding. In that time, as of this morning when we complete our daily update, more than 115 changebloggers will have joined the original 10 blogs that populated the list. The end result is a List of Change that’s 125 [...]

Introducing The List of Change

Today, Beth Kanter, Shannon Whitley and I are launching the List of Change, a ranking of the top English-language change and cause-related blogs in the world. The ranking provides a glimpse into the change and cause bloggers who are trying to positively affect our lives throughout the world. The List of Change only uses open [...]

Brutal Truths About Cause Marketing

I’ve watched and listened to the growing debate social media has reinvigorated about the term “cause marketing.” In particular, the term “social media for social good” has been called into question. At the heart of the matter as raised by Beth Kanter is how far companies can go before they demean the nonprofit brand in [...]