Should your “optimized” site from 2011 still rank in Google

Building rock-solid SEO that stands the test of time. 2011 was was two years ago and in the digital world that is an eternity, in two years time the technology inside your phone, computer, TV, website and just about every other electronic device will be eclipsed by newer, faster, smarter, “better” hardware, software and systems. [...]

Sponsored Blog Posts: 9 Tips to Get More for Your Money

In my last post, I took a look at the evolution of blogger relations and the sponsored post. Since bloggers are not taking pitches for earned content nine times out of 10, sponsored posts are the way to go. The obvious negative here is that you’re paying for the post, which means the era of [...]

Sharpen and Maintain Your Digital Expertise

Own the digital space with these 5 great resources. The digital world is constantly changing and evolving so keeping up with the latest trends and tactics may seem like a daunting task. There are a myriad of publications, websites and resources out there that keep digital experts in the loop. Below are some of my [...]

Can a Simple Google Update Create a Big Impact on PR?

In late July Google quietly made a change to its Unnatural Links Document that has spawned articles claiming that Google has killed PR and it’s now Google vs. PR. What’s interesting about this update is that it seemingly sprawls outside of the SEO community and hits PR. In the past, the webmaster updates and algorithm [...]

Multi-channel PR Campaign? It All Starts with a Digital Strategy

As connected as the digital world is it can often create segmented messages and experiences for you client. The benefits to integrating your marketing efforts are numerous but to fully take advantage of the connectivity that a multi-channel campaign offers I highly encourage the creation of a digital strategy as you begin to plan for [...]

Top 7 Tips to Create a Killer eBook

There are two main types of questions we ask on Google. One is the “instant-gratification” question… “Who was that actor?” “How do I hide a post on my Facebook timeline?” “Where’s the nearest Starbucks?” Google finds the answer, and you’re done. The other is the broader, “life” question. These questions aren’t answered just by reading [...]

Another Sweet Digital Campaign Case Study

A couple of months ago I featured our first sweet case study for Pure Canadian Maple Syrup. We now have another sweet client on our hands that needed some help in the digital frontier. We just wrapped up our campaign for the Florida Sweet Corn Exchange and here is what we did for them. [Update] [...]

Broadening Our Horizons: The Changing Role of PR Professionals in Healthcare

As healthcare public relations professionals, we have often suffered from an identity crisis. No one understands what we do, let alone appreciates it. Often we complain that the marketing folks get all of the attention – and the budget! If you are sulking away in your cubicle, it’s time to shake it off. The role [...]

20 Digital Facts That You Need to Know

01. Mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014 The facts and numbers around mobile usage is pretty staggering. Over 1 billion mobile devices are currently in use, and the number keeps on growing. We use and rely on our phones on a daily basis and if you don’t have a [...]

7 Tips to Create the Perfect Infographic for your PR Campaign

By, Rosalie Morton (@rosaliemo) Infographics took the PR and content marketing world by storm about a year and a half ago. In case you missed it, an infographic is an visually engaging illustration that brings data and facts to life, while telling a story. Essentially, infographics give jazz hands to what could be boring data.  Very social [...]