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How to Predict the ROI of Organic SEO in 3 Easy Steps

SEO as a digital marketing tactic has continually had one of the highest ROI’s when compared to other digital tactics (left chart) year over year. The data driven nature of SEO makes it easy to measure and with any tactic in the digital marketing world measurement and clear results make it easier to calculate return […]

A Look Back at 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2013

In late 2012 I created a blog post that highlighted 5 digital trends that would be prevalent in 2013. Now that 2013 is long and gone, I wanted to take a look back and see how these trends panned out in 2013. 1. Responsive Design Kills the Mobile Domain [2013 Trend] In 2013 Google posted […]

4 Tips to Get Your Health Care Company LinkedIn

If you’re a health care company, you probably need to do a lot of work on your LinkedIn presence. The professional networking site is too often relegated to an online jobs board, despite the multiple content-sharing tools the site has introduced over the last year. In fact, just this week LinkedIn opened up its previously invitation-only “influencers” program to everyone, giving users the opportunity to publish full-length content.

3 Elements Your Website Needs to Have in 2014

If you plan on launching a new website or redoing an existing site in 2014 you can easily be focused purely on the aesthetics, content management system or markup of the site. Those elements are indeed important but as the web evolves I wanted to highlight 3 really important elements that shouldn’t be absent when […]

4 Must Have Mobile Tactics for Local Businesses

It seems like for the past three years marketers have been predicting that “this will be the year for mobile.” I’ve stated it but the mobile tsunami that we thought would absolutely flood the market in 2010 has turned out to be a slow leak of new, constant mobile adopters in 2013. We know that […]

A Quick Tip SEO Guide for PR Pros

As an agency, it’s our job to keep up with the latest SEO guidelines to ensure our outreach complements and enhances our clients’ SEO strategies. Your PR goals should now exceed beyond placements, impressions and awareness-building, and into link-building as well. We use a variety of measures to identify which blogs and sites we’d like […]

Should your “optimized” site from 2011 still rank in Google

Building rock-solid SEO that stands the test of time. 2011 was was two years ago and in the digital world that is an eternity, in two years time the technology inside your phone, computer, TV, website and just about every other electronic device will be eclipsed by newer, faster, smarter, “better” hardware, software and systems. […]

Sponsored Blog Posts: 9 Tips to Get More for Your Money

In my last post, I took a look at the evolution of blogger relations and the sponsored post. Since bloggers are not taking pitches for earned content nine times out of 10, sponsored posts are the way to go. The obvious negative here is that you’re paying for the post, which means the era of […]

Sharpen and Maintain Your Digital Expertise

Own the digital space with these 5 great resources. The digital world is constantly changing and evolving so keeping up with the latest trends and tactics may seem like a daunting task. There are a myriad of publications, websites and resources out there that keep digital experts in the loop. Below are some of my […]

Can a Simple Google Update Create a Big Impact on PR?

In late July Google quietly made a change to its Unnatural Links Document that has spawned articles claiming that Google has killed PR and it’s now Google vs. PR. What’s interesting about this update is that it seemingly sprawls outside of the SEO community and hits PR. In the past, the webmaster updates and algorithm […]