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How to Predict the ROI of Organic SEO in 3 Easy Steps

SEO as a digital marketing tactic has continually had one of the highest ROI’s when compared to other digital tactics (left chart) year over year. The data driven nature of SEO makes it easy to measure and with any tactic in the digital marketing world measurement and clear results make it easier to calculate return […]

The Hunt for ROI – Social Media Meets E-Commerce

Last week was a big week in the social media wine nerd landscape. If you run a marketing campaign using social media, you know the first word out of your client’s mouth is, “seriously, what’s the ROI in this?” As my pal, Paul Mabray, repeats like a mantra when it comes to this question, “there […]

Changing The Game: Do You Ask for What’s Yours?

I had the opportunity to attend the Advertising Women of New York “Changing the Game” Awards, hearing from inspiring women business leaders in all walks of their career. The women honored are no-nonsense ladies who have made bold moves and transformed brands by changing the rules. Donny Deutsch, CNBC host and moderator for the event, […]

7 Tips to Stretch Your PR Budget and Increase ROI

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan Working with limited budgets is nothing new to marketers. Our extensive work with commodity boards that impose voluntary assessments to fund generic promotion campaigns has really put us to the test at times. Crafting campaigns for farmers and fresh produce shippers demands a vigilant eye on every nickel to deliver the […]

Are Hospitals Tilting at Windmills Searching for Social Media ROI?

By Jenn Riggle How do hospitals measure their social media return ROI? Or are they tilting at windmills and trying to fight an imaginary foe like Don Quixote. Too often, we find ourselves counting the number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers or the number of people who viewed YouTube videos, trying to justify engagement […]

Goodness Gracious, Great Blogs of Fire!

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog tackles the tough question of how to define a successful organizational blog. It is Liz’s experience that different people and departments within an organization often have their own ideas of what a successful blog is. According to Liz, the quality of the blog is ultimately derived from its ability to […]