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AppMakr Makes iPhone Apps Acce$$ible

by Geoff Livingston Every smart internet marketer and company wants to deploy mobile apps, starting with that hot and shiny iPhone app. Yet the cost of developing iPhone applications (as well as applications for the Blackberry and Android platforms) can be cost prohibitive. AppMakr changed the iPhone application paradigm today with the launch of its […]

Brand and Reputation Are Not Synonymous

 PR Week sent out a ProfNet request last week dubbed: Is it a good idea for PR practitioners to use social media to build their personal brand? Oh, we’ve talked about this a lot, and frankly, I am glad to see people aren’t simply drinking the KoolAid, and are now actively debating the merits of […]

I’m Just a Guy on a List

Having your name added to PR lists from vendors like Vocus and Cision is one of the unfortunate outcomes of having a successful blog. The resulting amount of spam and bad pitches can be quite astounding. This is not to complain. It’s just part of the gig, a result of success, and bloggers like Gina […]


Cam Beck “Brandjacks” Joseph Jaffe’s Personality It’s a world where corporations hire personal brands, leverage cause-based activity to boost reputation, and affiliate with other brands to enhance (or destroy) their image. Before the social web, this trend manifested itself in a well-manicured set of partnerships through corporate marketing and sales. Those days are over. Now […]