5 Crisis Management Tips Learned from March Madness

This is a refresh of a previous blog post. I’ve come up with a few more insights about the parallels between crisis management and college basketball. Forget the Super Bowl or the World Series. For me, the most exciting time in sports is March. That’s because it’s almost time for college basketball’s March Madness! I [...]

How to Avoid Watering Down Your Brand

What Carnival Cruise Lines & Maker’s Mark Can Teach Us About Brand Decision Making By Kelly O’Keefe (@kellyokeefe) What a month it’s been for brand blunders. In recent days, the world’s largest cruise line, one known for its luxury accommodations, handed its travelers plastic bags and asked them to use them for their solid waste. That [...]

Crisis Communication Lessons from the Tragedy at Sandy Hook

By Catherine Gryp (@cgryp) Like the rest of the country, I watched the news of the Sandy Hook school shooting with shock, sadness and an incredible feeling of loss. I’ve shed many tears for the innocent lives lost. As I have been monitoring the media coverage of this tragedy, the communicator side of my brain [...]

Silence is the Virtue of Fools

What he probably did not anticipate was for Coca-Cola to feature a story about the ban on its own website. Seem counterintuitive?

A Charge to Communicators: Choose Your Words Carefully

By Emily Lacy (@emstheticket) In expressing ourselves to others, there might not be anything more important than words. We created them so we could literally voice our thoughts and feelings to one another. In a world of grammar police, 140-character text boxes and posts that only count if others take notice, it is very easy [...]

How To Make a Long-term (Brand) Relationship Last: Advice From a Former Starbucks Employee

By Emily Lacy (@emstheticket) Despite what the movies might feed you (hello, childhood full of Disney!), if you’ve been part of a romantic duo that lasted beyond the initial hormonal flash in the pan, you know the truth about long-term, serious relationships: they take work. The beginning of every new relationship is exciting, filled with [...]

What Lance Didn’t Say

By Mike Mulvihill Late last week, Lance Armstrong ceded his multi-year fight with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). “There comes a point in every man’s life when he has to say: ‘Enough is enough.’ For me, that time is now,” Armstrong said. “I have been dealing with claims that I cheated and had an [...]

Strong Brands Support Strong Reputations

By Debbie Myers (@debamyers) This article first appeared, in part, in HBAdvantage, a newsletter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. With healthcare reform driving increased scrutiny of hospitals and providers by the government, insurance companies and consumers, the importance of managing corporate reputation is a topic that has reached the C-suite. However, many organizations do not have [...]

CEOs: Get in Touch With Your People

by Mike Mulvihill According to an IBM Global CEO study companies that outperform peers are 30 percent more likely to identify openness (characterized by greater use of social media) as a key enabler of collaboration and innovation. What company wouldn’t want to stimulate collaboration and innovation? So why is the list of the top 20 [...]

U.VA.’s Transparency Faux Pas

By Mike Mulvihill For the past week, Thomas Jefferson’s hallowed University of Virginia, with its long-standing honor code, has been called to task in the media (including daily feature articles in the Washington Post , the Wall Street Journal and many other national media outlets), on the Internet, in social media and by its own faculty, [...]