Can a Simple Google Update Create a Big Impact on PR?

In late July Google quietly made a change to its Unnatural Links Document that has spawned articles claiming that Google has killed PR and it’s now Google vs. PR. What’s interesting about this update is that it seemingly sprawls outside of the SEO community and hits PR. In the past, the webmaster updates and algorithm [...]

PR Lessons Learned During Thanksgiving Dinner

By Jenn Riggle Thanksgiving is a time when we overindulge, heaping our plates with turkey and mashed potatoes, not to mention pumpkin pie. And while the food may be wonderful, you can sometimes have too much of a good thing. The same is true with press releases. While press releases are a great way to [...]

Five things PR and Marketing Should Break Free From in 2011

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) Last Monday, I had the opportunity to talk social media trends and what’s next with Chief Marketing Officers in the healthcare space at the Innovator’s Studio in Chicago. As part of the discussion, we were asked to break into two groups and identify a few traditional PR tactics that the CMO’s [...]

People Are Talking In Press Releases, But Is Anyone Listening?

By Jenn Riggle Press releases are an important way for organizations to share information with key audiences, but too often, executive quotes are throwaways. You know the ones I mean – executives saying “how excited they are about a partnership” or “how pleased they are to be selected for a project.” Who cares? The idea [...]