2012 in Retrospect, A look back at Mobile, Search and Social Predictions

By Jason Poulos (@TheSaganaki) In late 2011 I wrote a blog post that highlighted 5 web trends that discussed where the digital landscape might end up in 2012. Now that 2012 is said and done, I wanted to take a look back and see if my trend predictions for 2012 were accurately fulfilled. I may [...]

My 2011 Food Trends

By Jason Stemm  We are already two weeks into 2011, so hopefully the window hasn’t closed for me to place my bets on what we will see in the food industry over the next 50 weeks. These are six of my favorites from across the consumer, retail and foodservice perspectives. What do you see coming [...]

10 Years From Now – A Look Back

Again this year, I got links to dozens of those inevitable posts that come up at the beginning and end of a year. All this got me to thinking about both inevitability about wishes for the future. An email from a friend came also, remindin me of a whole list of things that weren’t around in the olden days [...]