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Phone Calls to Reporters Aren’t Dead

….Successful Media Relations Comes From a Strong Story   Some PR commentators recently have declared that  the telephone is dead as a media relations tool. The digital age, they say, has delivered more effective ways to contact reporters and convince them to cover a story idea. I say they’re wrong. My proof: Our team’s record [...]

3 Reasons Brands Are Frightened by Hispanics

In New York, more than 18% of the population is now made up of Hispanics, more than double what it was in 1980.[1],[2] Compounded with the growth of this population among the entire United States, we can see we have a massive evolution on our hands. Similar to the expansion of the Hispanic demographic are [...]

Are you calling me a liar?

Do you believe what you are told? Most Americans don’t. According to Gallup, sixty percent of Americans have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. The distrust doesn’t stop there; Americans are less likely to perceive large industries as “generally honest and trustworthy,” according to a [...]

The School of Gaga – 5 PR lessons we can learn from Lady Gaga

Mouths agape, my sister and I watched as a man sporting a pair of meticulously crafted angel wings with a six-foot wingspan nearly knocked out a security guard with his left wing and was escorted out of the concert venue. At that moment we knew we had come to a special place. For my 18-year-old [...]

Consumer Product Claims in 3D Are Lost on Me

Recently I found myself in my neighborhood mom and pop pharmacy scanning the feminine care products aisle. You see, it was a big day in my household. My tween daughter got her period. Knowing she wasn’t ready for Period Products 201, I knew I needed to get the right supplies for this moment. Scanning the [...]

Why Say on Pay Matters

Public companies are all faced with a non-advisory shareholder vote on executive compensation, called “Say on Pay,” stemming from Dodd-Frank. The vote is required every three years, but the best practice is to put this item in the proxy statement annually. The vast majority of public companies sail through this vote just fine, with approval [...]

BuzzLine: Dear, Teenage Self

Our teen years: that awkward phase between being treated as a child and gaining responsibilities like an adult. Not to mention all the fun of puberty, your first date and those “fashion-forward” clothes you still can’t believe you actually wore. Thankfully we can all relax knowing those years are far behind us…or are they? A [...]

True Belief vs. Longstanding Convention

Last week, a colleague and I were working on a project for a client, when the topic of longstanding conventions came up. It was a small part of our nearly three-hour strategy session, but stood out to both of us as one of the most important parts of our work that day. The topic came [...]

6 Lessons Learned from a Career in PR

At the end of this month I am retiring after nearly 40 years in the biz. Retirement is not a word I like to use because it doesn’t really define how we baby boomers are viewing this next stage of life – continued learning, travel, grandkids, exercise, sports and FUN! But, as with any transition, [...]

Managing media relationships: balancing PR team roles

A recent article in Forbes emphasized five things a PR team should consider when evaluating PR success. Beyond crunching numbers, the article calls out relationship-building as the most important. Indeed, striking and forging a healthy relationship with XX on behalf of a brand is golden. These relationships can help PR teams capture coverage, make connections [...]