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You, Too, Can be a Media Relations Jedi

How would Luke Skywalker handle a media relations challenge, I found myself wondering. (With confidence and exquisite skill, I’m sure.) Once a Star Wars fanatic, always one. As a media relations counselor who eagerly awaits the next Star Wars installment – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” – I’ve found an empire of inspiration in the […]

Entering the Job Market? Conduct a Personal Social Media Audit

Around this time each year, I get inquiries from college students preparing for graduation and eager to enter the workforce. While it’s been a few years since I’ve been a fresh-faced newcomer to the job market, I’m always happy to meet with young people and offer advice. I typically share with them the 15 Tips […]

Snapchat – Welcome Back, Social Disruption


These days, it feels like Facebook and Instagram are all about personal history – telling the story of your life and interacting with friends and family, while creating a digital scrapbook and photo album of sorts. When Facebook unveiled the news feed function, there was a period of backlash and adjustment, but now the news […]

7 Tips and Best Practices for Layoff Communications in 2015

Let’s face it, layoffs are not fun. But in all likelihood, there will be layoffs in 2015, and some from major companies which will affect hundreds of individuals. There’s no easy way to handle employee communications during hard times, but there is definitely a wrong way to communicate during a period of downsizing. Recently, sports […]

5 Lessons Learned from ‘Frozen’

You’d never know over a year has passed since the theatrical delight ‘Frozen’ skated its way into our hearts. In that short time, ‘Frozen’ has gone from a holiday box office hit to a pop culture icon with female lead, Elsa (played by Idina Menzel), paving the way. TIME even named her the “Most Influential […]

Warren Buffett on Reputation – The Dude Gets It

Late last week Berkshire Hathaway leader and perennial investment rock star Warren Buffett sent his bi-annual letter to the “all-star” leaders of the more than 80 different companies that Berkshire owns. The central theme? Reputation. We can afford to lose money – even a lot of money.  But we can’t afford to lose reputation – […]

Click & Share: Why Things Like #AlexFromTarget Go Viral

First things first: I think #AlexFromTarget is the stupidest hashtag of the year, maybe even the decade. When I first saw this excessively shared photo, I curiously googled the hashtag, hoping to find that #AlexFromTarget was secretly Justin Bieber trying to make amends. I read and I reread article after article only to find that […]

Native Advertising? Been Doing it for Years…


I was fairly stunned when I read an article in Mashable last week that touted “native advertising” as one of the Top 5 Trends from Advertising Week 2014 in New York.  Guys, that bus has left the station and odds are, your PR agency is driving it. We might not have been calling it “native […]

3 ways PR pros can help journalists

Working in a 24/7 news world brings many opportunities for public relations practitioners looking to place stories and journalists looking to tell their stories. However, the race to be the first to tell a story often positions these professionals to compromise accuracy. At the recent annual meeting of the Society of Professional Journalists, accuracy in […]

3 PR/Marketing Budget Imperatives for Healthcare

It’s fall. That means football season, kids going back to school, the leaves changing colors, and, for many hospitals and health systems, it means the start of budget season. Even if your fiscal year is other than the calendar year, you’ll want to keep reading, or at least save this post in your budget planning […]