5 Lessons in Brand Journalism from Ragan’s Content Summit

In opening Ragan’s Content Summit last week at the Nascar Hall of Fame, Mark Ragan stated, “We need to stop begging the media, and become the media instead!” Powerful words, especially coming from a reporter turned publisher and CEO. But he hit the nail on the head; no longer are pitches and press releases enough. [...]

The 7 Commandments of Producing a Memorable (and Flawless) Booze Event

New York City has the highest concentration of alcohol-related events in the U.S.  A local listing can show three to four liquor-related events happening in just one afternoon, not to mention the plethora of industry-only events. Add to that the countless PR agencies, beverage brands and importers housed in New York and you have an [...]

Same Rules, Different Tools.

We communicators sometimes get sucked into producing the latest cool infographic or digital app to market our wares. That’s great! You’ve considered new approaches to execute communications. But whether your focus is B2B, B2C or B2G, smart marketers should remain true to (at least) four strategic steps to arrive at the right programs and priorities. [...]

Is It Paid Media or Not? Making the Call

Recently, I received a call from my eighth grade niece. She was writing a report for her careers class and wanted to speak with me about public relations. In time, our conversation turned to paid versus unpaid content in an attempt to distinguish between PR and advertising. The next day, I recapped the conversation with [...]

BuzzLine: Change – don’t put me through it!

Unless that change is for the better, that is. The people over at Twitter recently unveiled their new and improved profile layout to hopefully answer the question, “What’s new about the new you?” The new design highlights your most engaging tweets, allows users to pin tweets to the top of their profile and allows for [...]

Valuable Content Influences B2B Decision-Making… So Give ‘Em What They Want

Late last month, the CMO Council, in partnership with NetLine Corporation, released a survey highlighting research conducted to understand the online content sourcing and sharing behaviors of B2B purchasers worldwide. The study found that content garnered from trusted sources is crucial to the discovery, qualification and selection of partners and vendors. In fact, a vast [...]

Pins, Tweets, and the Law

While a slew of social media channels have existed for years, many brands still consistently struggle with the balance of effective engagement and traditional push strategies. One popular option for many are sponsored contests and promotions as they allow some level of “control” on platforms that really remain a wild west environment for brands as [...]

The Right Way to Write About Technology

Business-to-Business (B2B) technology is everywhere, and often companies are working hardest on software that we may never see. Even when you can’t see this technology, it’s affecting you—hopefully for the better. For example, B2B technology may be helping your primary care physician understand the treatment you received while in the hospital through a health information [...]

5 Tips to Ensure Digital Marketing Success in 2014

In early April I had a great experience at the ClickZ Live Digital Marketing Conference in New York. During the three-day event I was bombarded with glorious amounts of information, stats, “aha” moments, head scratchers and confirmation that what I’ve been reading hasn’t been a bunch of malarkey. It’s impossible to synthesize all the information [...]

Media Making Moves: Insights from Communications CockTALE Club

Recently, we hosted the fourth installment of PadillaCRT’s Communications CockTALE Club – our combination think tank/drink tank that brings together corporate communications professionals, compelling topics, culinary and cocktail fare. Our guest speaker, Star Tribune Editor and Senior Vice President Rene Sanchez gave attendees a peek under the hood of Minnesota’s leading news gathering operation. For [...]