Communicating with Patients Online: Where Real Wellness Begins

With the healthcare industry moving toward a model of population health management and needing to keep people healthy and out of the hospital, patient-doctor communication takes on a whole new level of importance – and it starts online.

Healthcare’s Allergic Reaction to PPACA

Like allergy season, PPACA creates a chain reaction. How you embrace and respond to these industry shifts through communications and marketing impacts your healthcare organization’s strategy and reputation.

Are physicians ready for consumer-driven healthcare?

I have great respect for physicians. I think most people do. In fact, doctors were ranked in second place (right behind firefighters and before nurses and scientists) in a Harris poll that measured consumer perceptions of the top 23 professions So, why are some doctors having a Rodney Dangerfield moment and feeling like they “get no respect?”

Doctors Who Skype: Renegades or Heroes?

By Jenn Riggle Everyone’s talking about Skype – even physicians. Not only did Microsoft recently purchase the Internet telephone and video calling service for $8.5 billion, but new research reports that 7 percent of physicians are using videoconferencing technology like Skype to chat with their patients. And while videoconferencing has been around since the 1960s [...]

Are Your Doctors Social Media Cowboys?

By Jenn Riggle Hospitals can’t afford to let their doctors become cowboys – especially when it comes to social media. Your docs are probably eager to set up their own Facebook pages, if they haven’t already done so. But it’s important for hospital marketing departments to work with their employed docs and guide them as [...]

Hospitals Can Have a Mobile Strategy Without Developing an App

By Jenn Riggle The popularity of the iPhone and Droid phones are being driven by people’s desire for features and functionalities – and for easy-to-use mobile apps. Physicians, like everyone else, want to have information at their fingertips, which is why they’ve been so quick to adopt the iPhone (and now the iPad). It’s clear [...]