5 Lessons Learned About Internal Brand Building

Any and every organization can learn and benefit from a proactive internal brand-building program. By learning more about internal brand building, any organization can uncover and energize the hidden brand power that resides inside its culture.  In this cramped blog space I will restrain from providing a comprehensive how-to guide of internal brand building. Instead [...]

5 tips for building a newsworthy opinion poll (a glass of Scotch might help)

Marketing and communications professionals love, LOVE having proprietary data to use.  For us, data is transformed into brand positioning, front page headlines, lead generation, thought leadership, engaging content and more.  A research project chocker-box full of cross-tab data and qualitative insights is a pot of gold at the end of magical rainbow for a creative [...]

You, Too, Can be a Media Relations Jedi

How would Luke Skywalker handle a media relations challenge, I found myself wondering. (With confidence and exquisite skill, I’m sure.) Once a Star Wars fanatic, always one. As a media relations counselor who eagerly awaits the next Star Wars installment – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” – I’ve found an empire of inspiration in the [...]

Brands Looking For Love on Tinder

Well maybe not true love, but who on Tinder really is, right? From NGOs to top consumer brands, digital-savvy marketers are infiltrating this dating app to reach their young target audience when they least expect it – while browsing for their next “date.” If you’re single, most likely you’re on Tinder, or have at least [...]

“Nobody Better Lay a Finger On My Butterfinger!”

Earlier in the week Nestlé USA announced plans to remove all artificial food colors and flavors from its line of chocolate candy by the end of 2015. These additives will be replaced with natural counterparts such as annatto, a seed that gives off a bright red pigment. According to Nestlé’s press release, the revised products [...]

The Glaringly Obvious Similarities Between Snowmaggedon and Organic Products

Congratulations, Everyone. You’ve made it to mid-February and you’re probably still going to the gym and eating incredibly healthy (I said you – not me). With that New Year glow about you, you must be attending the local farmer’s market perusing organic-only cheese and vegetables, right? If you live anywhere between the Midwest and the [...]

Internal Brand Building – The Long Tail of Brand Building

The “new breed” of global brand leaders has turned traditional brand building inside out. Over the last decade we have witnessed a fundamental shift, placing internal brand building at the core of corporate brand-building strategies. Internal brand building has become the source of brand power for organizations like Starbucks, Google and Zappos. These innovative, game-changing [...]

Entering the Job Market? Conduct a Personal Social Media Audit

Around this time each year, I get inquiries from college students preparing for graduation and eager to enter the workforce. While it’s been a few years since I’ve been a fresh-faced newcomer to the job market, I’m always happy to meet with young people and offer advice. I typically share with them the 15 Tips [...]

Snapchat – Welcome Back, Social Disruption


These days, it feels like Facebook and Instagram are all about personal history – telling the story of your life and interacting with friends and family, while creating a digital scrapbook and photo album of sorts. When Facebook unveiled the news feed function, there was a period of backlash and adjustment, but now the news [...]

BuzzLine: Rip Open a Cold One

After nearly 80 BuzzLine posts, we’re making a couple of changes. Starting today, you’ll see the BuzzLine appear the first Friday of the month instead of every Friday. Play anywhere you come across the BuzzLine (on the Buzz Bin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and, if we select your six-word reply, we’ll reward you with a $20 [...]