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Instagram – Last week, it was all about perspective

As marketers and communicators using social media, we spend a lot of time thinking about what will stick. We’re constantly considering what our audience will like and how we can best engage them with the ultimate goal of awareness and, of course, contributing to a better bottom line. As we measure and tweak, time and […]

Using Podcasts in Healthcare Communications

Last week, my colleague, Liz, and I had the pleasure of visiting the Hampton Roads American Marketing Association for a presentation titled, “How Marketers Can Win with Podcasts.” The speaker, Douglas Burdett, is the principal of Artillery, a B2B marketing agency in Norfolk and host of The Marketing Book podcast. His weekly podcast, which became […]

Top 5 Healthcare Buzz Bin Posts of 2015

It’s December which means it’s the season of trend reports and 2015 roundups galore. To add to the mix, I’m taking a walk down the Buzz Bin memory lane. In case you missed them, I’m counting down the top 5 most read health Buzz Bin posts of 2015 5. King v. Burwell: Your 5 minute study […]

Tips for Reading the Healthcare Road Map

After discussing recent reports from McKinsey and the Advisory Board with our health practice leaders, I am more convinced than ever that the future of healthcare delivery will be determined by you – and me. But, we probably don’t realize it. The initial results of consumer responses to healthcare delivery changes will likely tell us […]

Disrupting the Digital Wine Communications Community

Two weeks ago, I was one of six speakers recruited to Plovdiv, Bulgaria to inspire and to challenge how Digital Wine Communications Conference (DWCC) participants see the world. The goal of the DWCC’s Disrupt! Wine Talks is to present new ideas in a high-energy format: one word, one speaker with a microphone and eight minutes. The sessions […]

Why the Gilmore Girls’ Return is Life Changing

Any woman between the ages of 20 and 35 learned what it meant for dreams to come true this week, when it was announced that Gilmore Girls would return to TV. The show, about a quick-witted, fast-talking, junk food-eating mother and daughter, went off the air seven years ago. It will now return (in the […]

8 Tips for Press Trip Success

I recently had the pleasure of hosting three journalists/bloggers on an unforgettable adventure – a press trip to Quebec on behalf of one of my clients, Pure Canada Maple. The trip was organized as part of their sponsorship of the Cycling Grand Prix in Quebec and included a variety of maple-themed experiences as well as […]

Facebook Notes Update – Gettin’ Bloggy Wit It

Facebook Notes

Remember Facebook Notes? Eh, maybe. Personally, the last time I used them was when I moved away from Charlottesville in 2009 and made a list of the restaurants I wanted to hit before I left town. That was right as mobile usage started to climb, and Facebook became a hub for iPhone photos and instantaneous […]

6 Lessons for Communicators from the Republican Presidential Debate

I’m a political news junkie. But I’m not a reality TV fan. Nonetheless, I’ve watched the recent republican presidential debates, which seem to be a strange mix of politics and reality TV. Whether you’re a democrat, republican, libertarian, or independent, if you are a communications professional, there are several takeaways from the most recent debate. […]

What do a CEO and a Harley enthusiast have in common? PadillaCRT’s New Brand Ad Campaign: Where Passion Meets Purpose

Ever notice the similarity among ads for communications firms? Differentiating an agency with a headline and body copy is a real challenge, especially an agency with as much to offer as PadillaCRT. I’m pleased to say that our Creative group overcame that obstacle with the Where Passion Meets Purpose campaign we’re rolling out this month. […]