Without a leg to stand on: Four observations about healthcare (that I learned the hard way)


I have worked with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, outpatient services and medical professionals for more than 30 years. I thought I really KNEW the healthcare industry. But, I learned more during the past seven months than in all the 30 years before. In May, ruptured discs pinched nerves in my back and literally drained all strength [...]

5 Data-Driven Tips for Boosting Your Biz’s Twitter Content

Twitter for Biz

A couple of weeks ago, Hubspot released some very useful stats to help businesses develop more effective Twitter content. When developing a social media plan, you easily can become too focused on overall strategy and overlook simple findings like these, which are critical to creating effective tactics. After all, without great tactics to support your [...]

BuzzLine: Holiday Beer Brainstorm!

There’s pumpkin beer, cranberry beer, pizza beer, steak beer, banana beer… SRIRACHA FLAVORED BEER. This is not a drill; I repeat, this is not a drill. It’s everywhere, in every shape and size and bottle and color and so forth and so on. We’ve certainly been aboard the beer-buzz train. We gave you a list [...]

Trading Seed Caps for Stocking Caps. What Do Farmers Do in the Winter?

Did you ever wonder what farmers do after they’ve parked the tractor in the shed at the end of a busy growing season? When the fields are bare and the animals are in the barn, you might think that farmers hang up their overalls and settle in for a well-deserved break. But you’d be wrong. [...]

How design processes and technology can make a difference

Innovation. It’s what fuels us in today’s economy. Knowing how to turn those ideas into solutions can be challenging. In the spirit of giving and sharing our talents, here are a few examples of things you can do to channel your talents to help turn innovation into solutions. Rapid Design Prototyping. With rapid prototyping, you can [...]

Plan Ahead for NIMBY Opposition

A few Saturdays ago, my street was blocked off so the neighborhood could get together for a potluck. We talked about the BBQ and the Redskins, but mostly we talked about the new construction project at the end of Church Street: the church is selling a small parcel of green space to be developed into [...]

BuzzLine: Word of the Year, Unfortunately

Vape. What are some things that come to mind when you hear the word “Vape?” For me, I think of Vicks VapoRub, my humidifier, or hot tubs. You know what I don’t think of when I think of “Vape?” The word of the year. This week the Oxford Dictionaries announced that the 2014 word of [...]

Watson Open for Business: What do YOU want to know?

At the EY Strategic Growth Forum, I had a chance to hear Bob Pemberton, VP of Corporate Development at IBM, talk a little bit about The Watson Group – a new business unit created to help entrepreneurs harness the power of the Watson computer. For those of you who haven’t met Watson, he (or is [...]

3 Ways to Market to Children without Becoming a Bad Person

In the U.S., the average child watches about 16,000 television commercials in just one year. Although there isn’t anything illegal about marketing messages to children in the U.S., for some reason it feels a little icky. Critics claim advertising to children trains them to impulse buy and choose products for all the wrong reasons. Some [...]

Positioning for Success: What’s Next for Health Trade Associations

PadillaCRT is proud to sponsor “Positioning for Success: What’s Next for Health Trade Associations,” a half-day event intended to bring health trade association professionals together to explore how to successfully navigate this brave new world. The event is being held in Washington, DC at the Grand Hyatt Washington on Thursday, November 20th from 8:30 a.m. [...]