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What do a CEO and a Harley enthusiast have in common? PadillaCRT’s New Brand Ad Campaign: Where Passion Meets Purpose

Ever notice the similarity among ads for communications firms? Differentiating an agency with a headline and body copy is a real challenge, especially an agency with as much to offer as PadillaCRT. I’m pleased to say that our Creative group overcame that obstacle with the Where Passion Meets Purpose campaign we’re rolling out this month. [...]

How Jon Stewart Changed the Face of News

Today is a sad day. It marks the first of many that we’ll be without “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart. Last night’s finale, as well as the public’s immense sadness following it, reminds us how critical Stewart was in changing the media landscape as we knew it before he joined the show in 1999. [...]

Don’t Shoot the Messenger: How Brands are Infiltrating Mobile Messaging Apps

Mobile Messaging apps barely existed five years ago. In fact, Blackberry Messenger stood alone as the only non-SMS platform available for quite some time. Today, MMS is an industry measured in BILLIONS – billions of dollars, billions of users. Just let that sink in for a moment. From WhatsApp and WeChat to Hangouts and Facebook [...]

What Does Health Mean to My Brand?

What does the word “health” mean? If you say that healthy eating means organic and hormone-free food, while I say it is lean protein and red wine, who is right? The short answer is both of us. While that may be frustrating and a bit unnerving, it’s also an opportunity for your food, beverage or [...]

Top Celebrity-Endorsed Booze Brands

I’m a sucker for juicy celebrity gossip. I also happen to love booze. So when my favorite celebrities develop their own beverage alcohol brands, I get particularly excited. From Drew Barrymore’s wine estate to Pharell’s “Qream with a Q” cream liqueur, the world of celebrity booze endorsements run the gamut from the serious to the [...]

Top 3 Tips to Grow your Instagram Followers


You think Instagram is the way to go for your business. You’ve identified your target audience and you’re starting to work on your platform strategy. Growing your followers is going to be one of your primary goals, so read on for three easy steps to get started. 1)      Thoughtful Content – Instagram is not just [...]

An Unexpected Brand Opportunity After Dark

According to recent studies from Yale University, UV damage continues even in the dark. This means that despite your rigorous suncare routine, your skin is still at risk for skin cancer long after the sun’s gone down. As if we didn’t have enough problems convincing people to wear sunscreen between 10am-2pm, we’re now faced with [...]

Small Changes for a Better Planet AND a Better Business

Foodies, health-conscious people and professional or at-home chefs would probably choose to eat anywhere else before 7-Eleven, right? However, this week’s news has surprised many and has certainly boosted the convenient store chain’s reputation. In a recent article by Fortune online, 7-Eleven seems to be more progressive than it may have previously seemed. The author [...]

3 Things I Wish Journalists Knew About Me

Those of us in media relations roles are regularly reminded of the significance of better understanding journalists. We need to do our homework – research what they write about, learn their interests, pinpoint their niche. It’s important for us to engage with them, follow them on social media, build relationships. It’s essential that we understand [...]

Top 3 things communicators can learn from Reddit’s Debacle, per Reddit

Who: Reddit.com, billed as “the front page of the internet;” it is where over 165 million monthly unique visitors are drawn to share just about anything on just about anything, if you will. What: Hundreds of subreddits (the moniker given to Reddit’s massive amount of diverse forum boards) were blacked out, denying its loyal followers [...]