60 Seconds to Shine: Grading University Brand Videos

You’ve already learned the chords to your favorite song and watched cats flush the toilet.  When is the last time you took a really good look at what colleges and universities use as their introduction to the world? Today’s university YouTube channels function as mini-websites, with a short introduction video at the top and categories [...]

Ditch the Pitch—Sort of

Do you hate media relations? Do cold calls make you feel like a telemarketer during dinnertime? Then it’s time to stop calling strangers—it’s time get social. PR professionals’ beloved media databases allow us to find and email hundreds reporters and editors with a few clicks. And according to recent surveys and articles, we don’t even [...]

Applauding the Geniuses at Wegmans

If you haven’t already heard, Wegmans announced this week that a Brooklyn location is in the works. Now, if you’re not from upstate New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Virginia (their other locations), you may not understand the gravity of the situation. Every year, different media rank supermarkets. Just this Wednesday, The Washington [...]

A Checkup for Health Communicators

This week, a number of our health practice team members are attending the PRSA Health Academy Conference in Cleveland, OH. As the presenting sponsor, in advance of the event, we surveyed the health care communications experts attending to get a deeper understanding of the topics that are most relevant to this year’s conference participants. We [...]

The Power of Purpose and Authenticity

Purpose has more purpose and is more popular than ever. Today employees are much more attuned to an organization’s purpose. In our modern language we refer to organizations with a highly regarded purpose as having a “double bottom line.” High-performing employees thrive on organizational purpose; it’s becoming an important criteria for their career choices and [...]

What’s the deal with the Dietary Guidelines?

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are a joint effort between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Guidelines are reviewed and revised every five years by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which is comprised of scientists and experts in nutrition from all over the country.  A lot [...]

Terminate the Robo-Writers

Striking out with media pitches? Blogging to the sound of crickets? Maybe your readers think you’re a robot. Robots, it seems, are infiltrating the ranks of real, live writers. A robot “wrote” (a rather rote) news story about a Los Angeles earthquake last spring. The content originator for the earthquake piece is a software algorithm [...]

Developing a Personal Brand on a Global Stage

I was in sixth grade the first time I remember anyone talking to me about Internet safety: “Do not EVER, put any personal information on the Internet. Don’t give out your real name. Never give out your address, or your birthdate or any other personal information. The Internet is dangerous.” To be fair, they were [...]

How to Avoid a Photoshoot #fail

Last week was the type of week that I stepped back in awe of my job. For eight hours, I worked with creative geniuses to visually showcase my client’s yummy, luscious, delectable product – Prosciutto di Parma. I didn’t even get to eat it, but I still walked away with a smile on my face, [...]

Being the CEO of Your Life

This week, I had the pleasure of attending the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST 2015 Forum in Minneapolis. Save for the snow in April, it was a fabulous event designed to celebrate female leaders in health care. The room was full of outstanding and accomplished women who have made a significant difference through their work in [...]