3 ways PR pros can help journalists

Working in a 24/7 news world brings many opportunities for public relations practitioners looking to place stories and journalists looking to tell their stories. However, the race to be the first to tell a story often positions these professionals to compromise accuracy. At the recent annual meeting of the Society of Professional Journalists, accuracy in [...]

BuzzLine: Brainstorm or Brain Fog?

You’ve sent out a meeting request, confirmed there’s time left in your budget, organized your notes and ideas and briefed your team. You’ve done all the right things to prepare for an active and productive brainstorming session but the whiteboard remains blank. We all understand the importance of hosting a dynamic brainstorming session – it [...]

Why Hispanic Marketing Strategy Is Failing and How to Fix It

In 1977, U.S.-based Braniff Airways inadvertently told their Spanish-speaking customers to “Fly Naked” in their new marketing campaign. To be fair, in most of Latin America, “Vuela en Cuero” translates to mean “Fly in Leather,” a tagline that Braniff intended to use while promoting its luxurious leather interior. In Mexico, local slang gave the phrase [...]

On Purpose: Barnes & Noble College’s Cynthia Zimmer on the Role of Brand

The Buzz Bin’s “On Purpose” feature explores the thinking behind the strategies and tactics top marketers employ in pursuit of business goals. When it comes to B2B communications, brand marketing is a critical differentiation strategy. Today, we talk with Cynthia Zimmer, director of corporate marketing at Barnes & Noble College, the leading college campus bookstore operator on [...]

9 Reasons to Communicate with Employees in 160 Characters or Less (Literally)

Every time you send an SMS (text message) or happy face emoji you can thank Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert (German and French, respectively) for developing this communication tool in the early 1980s. Since the 1980s, SMS text messaging has exploded and is the most widely used communication medium among users to establish, build and [...]

BuzzLine: Name That Wine Club

Retailers have been using e-commerce to expand their footprint, and now Whole Foods is partnering with wine.com to launch the Wine Club by Whole Foods Market. Hopefully their sommeliers will spend more time selecting the wine than they did coming up with the name. Help them out by coming up with your own name for [...]

3 Forthcoming Food Trends You Need to Know About

From raw to paleo to simple clean eating, consumers everywhere are becoming increasingly interested in their health and nutrition. Even chefs stand witness to consumers requesting lighter and healthier menu options. The magnitude of this food movement couldn’t be more evident than on the annual U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) Blueberry Boot Camp held at [...]

6 Secrets to Expo Success

Co-Authored by Nikki Parrotte Whether you represent a medical device company, food and beverage distributor or consumer brand, exhibiting at conferences and expos is often an effective way to engage with your target audience. Though a 5,000-person event may not get you the same impression numbers as an influencer’s tweet or even a major media [...]

3 PR/Marketing Budget Imperatives for Healthcare

It’s fall. That means football season, kids going back to school, the leaves changing colors, and, for many hospitals and health systems, it means the start of budget season. Even if your fiscal year is other than the calendar year, you’ll want to keep reading, or at least save this post in your budget planning [...]

Content Mapping – From Awareness to Purchase

All customers – consumers and business buyers alike – follow a process for decision-making, consciously or unconsciously. Simply put, this process includes stages of awareness, consideration and purchase. Effective communications programs address all three of these stages, with the ultimate goal of moving customers to select your product or service. Here’s how to map your [...]