Ski Season! Why Top Resorts are Investing in Mobile Apps

The West has gotten quite a bit of snow already, and skiers and snowboarders are flocking to the mountains for a little pre-season action. Some of these resorts have been very proactive in embracing the mobile trend, creating apps that help their guests enjoy a more engaging experience on the hill. Let’s take a look [...]

Is Google the New Family Doc?

We used to rely on family, friends and old wives tales to diagnose medical conditions. Now, we’re looking to Google for what ails us. Should this trend concern health care professionals?

Three Telling Signs Your Agency is a Social Media Quack

By Priya Ramesh   This blog post is inspired by a conversation I had with a Senior VP of Communications at a national non-profit who is testing the social media waters and asked me, “So what are some red flags I should be looking out for while I scout around for a social media consultant [...]

Recession Brass Tacks

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see posts titled "The Role of Ethical Brands in a Down Economy," "The Four Social Media Questions You Must Answer During an Economic Downturn," "In A Down Economy, Tomorrow’s Leaders Are Born Today," "Will Social Media Help PR Weather the Storm," and "25 Ways Social Media Prepares You for a [...]