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Rolling Stone War Journalism: Does it Expose or Reflect Army PR?

I thought I could just let it go that the great rock-and-roll paper of my youth turned into a slick magazine. But, the editors broke a story about Goldman Sachs profiting from/causing every stock market crash since the 20s – great journalism, even though it was one of those “do ya think?” stories (who would have guessed this of […]

The Price of Reputation

   by Mike Mulvihill How much is your company’s reputation worth?  In the case of BP, apparently the U.S. government’s estimate is $20 billion. That’s how much the government has told BP it must set aside in an escrow account to restore public trust in BP, and, oh by the way, to expedite payments to […]

Greenies, do not despair. Obama has not forsaken you

By Mike Mulvihill Young climate activists, who worked to mobilize voters in order to elect President Obama, are expressing great disappointment in the President’s recent announcement to expand oil leasing into large areas off the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico, It’s Getting Hot in Here (dispatches from the youth climate movement) dismays their generation is […]

Toyota Took Risks. Did PR Know?

The recent massive recall at Toyota, aside from breathing new life into a moribund General Motors (an Obama conspiracy?), raises an interesting question for public relations folks. If your management makes a conscious decision to take more risks in manufacturing, is it also obligated to communicate this strategy’s potential impact to stakeholders, particularly customers and investors? The […]

Top Ten Social Media Turkeys in 2009

by Geoff Livingston What better way to role into the Thanksgiving holiday than to poke a little fun at some turkeys? We can all use a laugh.  The following list represents some of 2009’s biggest Turkeys in social media. 1) Ashton Kutcher: Really? Really?  Did we really make this guy into the Twitter icon of […]

Out Social Media’ing the Democrats

by Mike Mulvihill Photo: voxefx  I have lived in several places throughout the east and Midwest, but I spent my formative years (8 to 18) in the garden spot of the Garden State and I have now lived in Richmond, Va., for the past 19 years (my longest stint so far in one city/location). So […]

FOX News – Just an Old School Troll

 By Mike Mulvihill Transparency is certainly top of mind in the SM world as a result of the FTC ruling on endorsements and testimonials (i.e., pay-to-blog). The ruling has drawn commentary from far ranging sources such as the Council of PR Firms to Chris Brogan. Like Chris, I don’t know what’s so hard to get […]

Jackasses, F-Bombs and Incivility

Guest Post by Mike Mulvihill, president of CRT/tanaka     Much ado has been made this week about America’s growing lack of civility.  Kanye dissing Taylor Swift; South Carolina Congressman Wilson calling our President a liar; Serena Williams dropping the f-bomb; Obama himself calling Kanye a jack-ass.  Is this something new?  Has incivility been escalated […]

GovLoop’s Steve Ressler Rocks the Public Sector

In every big city there’s an underground, and in every large online movement there are undercurrents. In the Government 2.0 space that undercurrent is taking place on GovLoop, a relatively new, Ning-based social network with more than 8,000 public sector or related members. The man behind GovLoop is Steve Ressler, who also was one of […]

DC’s Big O Party

This post may seem a little bit off the beaten path, but as one of the leading marketing blogosphere outposts from the Capitol Region, it seemed appropriate to shed a little light on a once in a lifetime phenomenon happening here. The Obama inauguration is transforming DC into a gigantic celebration similar to a New […]