2013’s Big Moments in Health PR

By Liz Rea and April Sciacchitano 2013 is coming to a close, and it’s been quite a year for health news and communication. A lot of great (and not so great) things happened in health this year, and we made it through the year despite the government breaking, er… shutting down.  In case you missed [...]

4 Lessons from the Rollout of HealthCare.gov

President Obama himself has called it “unacceptable,” and many call it embarrassing. It has inspired material on everything from Saturday Night Light to the CMA Awards. In fact, the IT chief in charge of the project announced his resignation this week and the future career of the secretary of health and human services is also [...]

Cheerios Interracial Ad: When Social Media Goes Awry

Last week, as I was getting ready for work and watching the morning news, I noticed a Cheerios commercial that made me do a slight double take. The ad featured a typical American family, with a cherub-faced little girl asking her mom if Cheerios were good for your heart. The mom said yes. So, the [...]

Silence is the Virtue of Fools

What he probably did not anticipate was for Coca-Cola to feature a story about the ban on its own website. Seem counterintuitive?

“All In” for All of the Above?

by Mike Mulvihill  As the presidential election season ramps into a full-tilt boogie, energy will be a topic perking toward the top of the national discussion. While the GOP candidates beat up on one another, the incumbent come this November is beating the energy drum.  While perusing Facebook, I was greeted by an online banner [...]

Clean, Green and Bankrupt

by Mike Mulvihill As a House Subcommittee probe into the collapse of Solyndra, Inc. widens (Solyndra received a $535 million federal loan guarantee), a second clean energy company with a $43 million Department of Energy loan guarantee has filed for bankruptcy. Beacon Power, which also received a $26 million in stimulus grant from DOE, was [...]

Can Energy Jobs Lead The Way?

In a nationally broadcast speech last week, President Obama announced his $447 billion American Jobs Act plan. Unlike prior speeches, he didn’t mention clean-energy jobs once, but if you read between the lines, there are areas where the sector could gain. Putting that aside for a moment, it is also worth noting President Obama’s decision [...]

Tips for BP’s New CEO

By Mike Mulvihill After a week of speculation, by the time this post is viewed BP will have likely announced that Tony Hayward is headed to Siberia. Fitting that Hayward would be sent to Russia, where he will help manage BP’s joint venture there.  Perhaps the most deviled person in America, Hayward is the guy [...]

Is It An Addiction or Just Being Practical?

by Mike Mulvihill The following article by Robert J. Samuelson appeared in the Washington Post on January 21, 2010. The tone of the article is a bit political for my taste, but the facts address many of the realities about our nation’s “addiction” to traditional energy sources and speaks to the reality that we’re not about [...]

Rolling Stone War Journalism: Does it Expose or Reflect Army PR?

I thought I could just let it go that the great rock-and-roll paper of my youth turned into a slick magazine. But, the editors broke a story about Goldman Sachs profiting from/causing every stock market crash since the 20s - great journalism, even though it was one of those ”do ya think?” stories (who would have guessed this of [...]