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What’s the Deal with Gluten-Free Foods?

By Joanne Tehrani, MPH, RD, CDN (@eatingdrinknyc) It is very likely that you or someone you know follows a gluten-free diet (GF), or that your local grocery store has started stocking a gluten-free section. Celebrities have even turned this way of eating in to a popular trend for weight loss. Based on my own knowledge as […]

Mickey’s Nutrition Makeover

By Jason Stemm (@NYCubsFan As the senate prepares to debate a new farm bill and food advocates are clamoring for a larger piece of the pie to go to specialty crops (think sweet corn and blueberries) rather than commodity crops (think wheat and corn for processing), Walt Disney Co. made an announcement that will cause […]

The Truth about the Cost of Eating Healthy

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan Two studies released this week examining the cost of healthy foods show the gap between perception and reality. ShopSmart magazine conducted a national poll of women about eating healthy. What they found is that 88% make excuses for not eating healthful foods, with cost (57%) topping the list. Then just yesterday, […]

Are Twinkies the Next Tobacco?

By Jason Stemm (@NYCubsFan) What do Tony the Tiger and Joe Camel have in common? The question has been battled out in Washington over the last two years, under the radar of budget cuts and debt defaults. Millions of lobbying dollars have been spent by the food manufacturing industry to limit and even eliminate legislation […]

A Look at Food Policy from the Nation’s Capital

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan This past week I was in Washington DC for the International Foodservice Editorial Council’s annual conference. As president of the group, it was quite a bit different than the previous ten years I’ve attended. The group and conference are driven by the unique opportunity for editors and writers to network with […]

whatcanbe for a Healthier Future

By Jason Stemm (@NYCubsFan) At CRT/tanaka, we have a word, whatcanbe, which guides us in imagining the possibilities for ourselves and our clients. It is both a creative process and a cultural ethos that is ingrained across offices and practice areas. During a recent agency-wide retreat, we were asked to articulate our whatcanbe and share […]

Chew on This: 2 Points of View on Food and Nutrition Trends from #FNCE 2011

By Emily Valentine (@ebvalentine) and Joanne Tehrani, MPH, RD (@eatingdrinknyc) – One branding specialist and one nutrition professional – both PR Pros We just came back from the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE), the annual conference put on by the American Dietetic Association, on September 24-27 in San Diego. The event was attended […]

Farewell MyPyramid…Hello MyPlate

By Joanne Tehrani @eatingdrinknyc Better plate than never? USDA steps up to the plate? On June 2nd, 2011, First Lady Michelle Obama and USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack unveiled a new symbol to replace the Food Pyramid as a guide for healthy eating for Americans called MyPlate. Why does this matter? This simple image will have […]

Can Wellness Spending Save the U.S.?

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan As I watch coverage of a potential government shutdown, John King of CNN reports that 93% of the Department of Education would be furloughed. No numbers were given for the FDA. It would be assessed based on risk. This includes inspectors at ports and in fields, monitoring the safety of our […]

A Shift in Food Preferences

By Brona Cosgrave (@bronacos) Real food, please. I’ve touched on this topic before regardless of the ingredients or nutritional value, people want to eat food that tastes good, no ifs, buts or whys about it, and if it tastes good it will be consumed and enjoyed. And that’s how it should be! So while American […]