Does Livestrong Need a Name Change To Remain Viable?

By Jeff Wilson, APR (@wilson0507) Like many other news junkies and PR, marketing and branding professionals, I’ve watched with great fascination the unraveling of the Lance Armstrong brand over the past several months. His undoing culminated with his admission to Oprah Winfrey that he had, in fact, used banned EPO, testosterone, cortisone and human growth [...]

5 Things Nonprofits Must Do To Captivate Millennials

By Rachael Seda (@rachaelseda) I have a short attention span, but I rock at multitasking. I may get bored easy but if you capture my attention, I could become your number one advocate. Please just cut to the chase, there’s no need for lengthy instructions; to me a picture’s worth a thousand words. At about [...]

Time for a “Push” Campaign on Poverty

By Mike Mulvihill Big yawn, the BP Gulf oil well was permanently capped this week to little fanfare. Kind of anticlimactic, I know. So since the biggest event in energy the past week was a non-event, I’m departing from my blog’s usual energy focus to talk about another, much more alarming story that surfaced last [...]

Gotta Love Seth Godin’s Latest Moves

by Geoff Livingston We often talk on the social web about responsiveness and how that means more to a reputation than stumbles and bumbles. Well, there’s no greater example right now than Seth Godin. Last month Godin had a couple of stumbles, of which he was highly criticized by leading nonprofit and marketing bloggers, including [...]

Live Earth: Love, the Climate

Cross-posted on my personal blog, As part of the social media team at Live Earth, I am thrilled to announce the “Love, the Climate” campaign launching today, and continuing through Friday, the 25th (landing page coming later this week). Before the Climate Bill goes to the Senate floor, Live Earth is calling upon Americans [...]

Creating Movements

This is an excerpt from my keynote speech this morning given to the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network’s “Social Media for Social Good conference.” Valeria Maltoni wrote a great post with the same title featuring ten tips on creating movements just two days ago. Her post was based off of the Brains of Fire Manifesto, “10 [...]

Introducing The List of Change

Today, Beth Kanter, Shannon Whitley and I are launching the List of Change, a ranking of the top English-language change and cause-related blogs in the world. The ranking provides a glimpse into the change and cause bloggers who are trying to positively affect our lives throughout the world. The List of Change only uses open [...]

Getting Social Media Approved By Your Boss

Our final Georgetown U. Social Media for Social Good class post on the Groundswell deals specifically with Chapter 11, which discusses strategies on how to get social media improved inside the organization. Before I begin, a very special thanks to Charlene Li, who guest lectured last night via Skype (full photo set here). Rather than [...]

Let Them Be Heard

Our “Social Media for Social Good” class this week is on the two-way communications paradigm that is at the heart of social media. There’s no greater way to bring that discussion to bear than the Cluetrain Manifesto. This epic book captures social media’s essence in a bottle, and is often passed over by communicators, and [...]


There comes a time in an organization’s life cycle when its leaders ask, “How far is our community willing to go?” It is such a time for United Way of America. In 2008 United Way launched its LIVE UNITED campaign “to advance the common good” around three core issues: Education, Income and Health. After undertaking [...]