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BlogPotomac Registration Opens Up, New Speakers Highlight the Future

Registration for the final BlogPotomac on October 23 is now open. The event promises to bring some of the old, with a heavy focus on what’s coming next in online media. To that end, I’d like to announce three additional new speakers, each of which will discuss the evolution of online media from their unique […]

Ning Jujitsu: Nine Tips

Friends of Live Earth Senior Ambassador Alexandra Rampy and Ning’s Charles Porch. Some of us on the Friends of Live Earth team recently had the opportunity to sit down with Charles Porch from ning, who gave some general pointers on network building best practices. Porch has worked with thousands of the 1.1 million communities now […]

One Ning to Rule Them All

Somewhere amidst all of the Twitter hype a really big statistic was achieved, the creation of Ning’s one millionth social network. In a world where follower counts are lauded or decried for sheer girth, where it’s cool to just to be seen using the tool even from space, communities are bubbling to the fore. One […]

GovLoop’s Steve Ressler Rocks the Public Sector

In every big city there’s an underground, and in every large online movement there are undercurrents. In the Government 2.0 space that undercurrent is taking place on GovLoop, a relatively new, Ning-based social network with more than 8,000 public sector or related members. The man behind GovLoop is Steve Ressler, who also was one of […]