Bye, Bye, Foodie: 5 Reasons Why This Word Needs to Just Go Away

I work in public relations. I classify groups of people and then determine the best way to communicate with them for a living. Literally, it’s my job. But I hate being classified. Technically, I’m a Millennial. But I refuse to think every Millennial-based stereotype applies to me. And, yes, my voter registration card technically identifies [...]

BuzzLine: I <3 DC… and NY, LA, Minneapolis, Richmond and Norfolk

I. Love. Washington, D.C. You might not, and that’s fine by me. (Haterz gon’ hate.) Declaring pride in your hometown is empowering. It’s basically like saying, “I am partially defined by [insert city in which you live] and I am totally OK with that.” In all seriousness, it’s a public acknowledgement of what makes you [...]

BuzzLine: Facebook’s Next Big Acquisition

Ehh, WhatsApp, Zuck? Despite recent reports of dropping numbers of teen users, Facebook’s business seems to be booming. At least, that is, as attested by its recent $19 billion acquisition of mobile messaging service, WhatsApp. Despite the hefty price tag and seemingly unrelated social media functions, analysts say it was a worthy investment, estimating that [...]

The Dos & Don’ts of Broadcast Media Pitching

An Interview with Washington Business Report Anchor, Rebecca Cooper When it comes to pitching broadcast, there are really only two very important things to know: who to pitch and how to pitch. HA! Easier said than done, right? Well, lucky for you (and me), I was able to sit down with Rebecca Cooper, anchor of [...]

BuzzLine Contest – Week 18 – PadillaCRT, Together the Best

Before we get started on CRT/tanaka’s most meaningful BuzzLine, we’re sending a big congratulations to Jennifer Lucado for her winning response to last week’s BuzzLine. Thanks, Jennifer! Now, let’s buzz. You’ve heard the good news – we’re creating a new kind of agency with our long-time partner Padilla Speer Beardsley, forming one of the top [...]

8 Unique Ways to Go Green This Earth Day (and Beyond)

Wednesday, April 22, 1970, a day in history which marks the first “massive nationwide protest against the pollution of the environment.” Forty-three years later, the world again prepares to celebrate Earth Day. While the psychedelic days of the ‘70s may feel like “just yesterday” for some, Mother Earth begs to differ. Gone are the days [...]

5 Best Practices from #RaganPRBest Practices Summit

By Nikki Parrotte (@nikki_parrotte) Last week, I represented CRT/tanaka at Ragan’s PR Best Practices Summit at the Newseum in D.C. As can be expected from a Ragan event, the venue, the people and the presentations were excellent. (Thanks, @MarkRaganCEO!) Here are just a handful of the best practices as preached at the 2012 PR Best [...]