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Every Day You Were Hustling—Was Your LinkedIN Profile?

When it comes to getting your business across on social media, LinkedIn is a great bet for B2B business development. Recently, I attended a session by Rick Curry with the American Marketing Association of Richmond on LinkedIn strategies. Afterwards I began to wonder if my social B2B strategy was really working—or even existent. Curry discussed […]

3 Ways To Use Curiosity To Convert Fans Into Activists

By Wyatt Wood Originating from the human desire to share, its obvious that the success of social media is the ability to connect users. A network’s success is determined by how easy it is to connect and share. For example compare Twitter vs Plurk, Facebook vs MySpace, Bing vs Google (perform your own comparison). Success […]

Do the Wave! It’s Hard to Catch On

By Wyatt Wood Last week I received my invite to the Google Wave phenomenon – it really wasn’t as enticing as I hoped, I’m glad I didn’t spend $5100 on it. I watched the videos, saw the preview demonstrations and even drank the Kool-aid as a die hard Google fan, but something is missing. After […]

Ning Jujitsu: Nine Tips

Friends of Live Earth Senior Ambassador Alexandra Rampy and Ning’s Charles Porch. Some of us on the Friends of Live Earth team recently had the opportunity to sit down with Charles Porch from ning, who gave some general pointers on network building best practices. Porch has worked with thousands of the 1.1 million communities now […]