5 Ways Brands Can Maximize Their Marketing to Moms (and Dads): Key Learnings from #M2Moms 2012

 By Emily Valentine (@ebvalentine)  I’m just back from 36 very stimulating hours at the world’s premier conference on marketing to moms, and literally buzzing with all that I learned. My hands-down highlight was getting to hear from (and then speak one-on-one with!!) one of the brilliant minds behind Procter & Gamble’s universally acclaimed Thank You [...]

Mom Bloggers Get More Eyeballs than Some Newspapers: How to Market to Mom Bloggers?

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) McDonald’s recently rolled out the healthier menu for kids program to spread the word about downsizing the french fry portions and adding apples to every kids’ meal. Besides the usual suspects, Facebook, Twitter and traditional outlets, they cleverly engaged the powerful influence of mom bloggers. Rick Wion, director of social media [...]