5 Ways Food and Nutrition Brands Can Reach Millennials

Why McDonald’s New McWrap Missed the Point McDonald’s Millennial problem has been the talk of the town with the launch of its biggest product of the year, the McWrap. In an attempt to win over the Millennial generation, the McWrap, referred to as the “Subway buster,” is supposed to offer customization and variety, two highly [...]

5 Things Nonprofits Must Do To Captivate Millennials

By Rachael Seda (@rachaelseda) I have a short attention span, but I rock at multitasking. I may get bored easy but if you capture my attention, I could become your number one advocate. Please just cut to the chase, there’s no need for lengthy instructions; to me a picture’s worth a thousand words. At about [...]

Marketing to Millennials: Speakeasy Style

THE BOOZE BIN by Rosalie Morton (@rosaliemo) We were having an agency brainstorm for a booze client prospect last Friday, and the conversation turned to millennials: what makes them tick and how to market to them. All I needed was an opening, and I readily launched into my take on millennials, as “researched” and “proven” [...]