5 Tips For Working with Freelance Writers

A report by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism estimates that newspaper employment is down by 30 percent since 2000. By comparison, The American Society of News Editors states that the number of newspaper reporters and editors was at its highest in 1990. I certainly felt the decline walking through the rows [...]

Long Lead Pitching: A Strategic Waiting Game

When it comes to long leads, there are two main types you’re likely to come across: trade and consumer. The type you’ll be pitching often depends on the client; if you have a B2B client, trade is often a good bet. Those clients who are primarily B2C will likely prefer consumer magazines. Ultimately, it depends [...]

A prescription for CNN’s flagging brand: “Cut the Nattering, you Nabobs!”

CNN needs help. The one-time cable-news king trails Fox News, and February ratings show CNN trailing MSNBC, too. Proof that ex-NBC chief Jeff Zucker has his work cut out for him. Zucker took the reins at CNN just over a month ago, firing talent and, according to the New York Post, calling on reporters and [...]

Drinking for a Cause?

By Alyson Campbell (@acampfashion) While cause marketing is no new concept, spirits brands have been thinking more about how they can raise awareness for issues, while also helping impact sales.  Neither are self-serving when done right. For example, Belvedere Vodka recently took over Manhattan’s Meatpacking district with an art installation in support of RED™ and [...]

Pepsi’s Super Refreshing Social Play

When Pepsi declined to advertise in this year’s Super Bowl, it was big news. The best sure-fire mass media event in the nation lost one of its mainstays, who opted for a significant $20 million corporate responsibility-based social media program instead. The Pepsi Refresh online program — set to launch this Wednesday — combines a [...]

Should Photographers Rethink New Media Rights?

by Wyatt Wood As a semi-pro photographer I encounter unique situations everyday involving photography, rights management and social media. Note: every locality has their own laws that any person taking pictures should abide by – this post is not about the legality or rights of taking photos as a photographer (while it may touch on [...]

FOX News – Just an Old School Troll

 By Mike Mulvihill Transparency is certainly top of mind in the SM world as a result of the FTC ruling on endorsements and testimonials (i.e., pay-to-blog). The ruling has drawn commentary from far ranging sources such as the Council of PR Firms to Chris Brogan. Like Chris, I don’t know what’s so hard to get [...]

Do the Wave! It’s Hard to Catch On

By Wyatt Wood Last week I received my invite to the Google Wave phenomenon – it really wasn’t as enticing as I hoped, I’m glad I didn’t spend $5100 on it. I watched the videos, saw the preview demonstrations and even drank the Kool-aid as a die hard Google fan, but something is missing. After [...]

People Make Revolutions Happen

One of the most bizarre aspects of the Iran protests has been the claim of Netizens that it’s a Twitter revolution.  Certainly, our conversational medium has made great strides in the rapid spread of information. In fact, the use of social media has been a critical tool in the spread of ideas, not only amongst [...]