Media Making Moves: Insights from Communications CockTALE Club

Recently, we hosted the fourth installment of PadillaCRT’s Communications CockTALE Club – our combination think tank/drink tank that brings together corporate communications professionals, compelling topics, culinary and cocktail fare. Our guest speaker, Star Tribune Editor and Senior Vice President Rene Sanchez gave attendees a peek under the hood of Minnesota’s leading news gathering operation. For [...]

Working with European journalists, productively and positively

Hollywood has long portrayed European reporters as being straightforward and ruthless. In fact, the 2009 film, Frost/Nixon, went a long way to reinforce this image. The film recounted famed British journalist David Frost’s series of  hard-hitting interviews of former US president, Richard M. Nixon, regarding the Watergate scandal. As a result, such portrayals beg the questions: Are European reporters as much of a potential “problem” as their image? Is [...]

5 Tips For Working with Freelance Writers

A report by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism estimates that newspaper employment is down by 30 percent since 2000. By comparison, The American Society of News Editors states that the number of newspaper reporters and editors was at its highest in 1990. I certainly felt the decline walking through the rows [...]

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Celebrity Endorsements

Learnings from the Sundance Film Festival You’ve probably realized by now that we’ve hit the core of awards season, where we find water cooler talk (or in our New York office’s case, kitchen talk) centered around ‘how gorgeous did so-and-so look last night?!’ and ‘I cannot believe that movie didn’t win!’ Or even, ‘how funny [...]

3 Tips to Building a Media List that Won’t Spam Journalists

We hear it all the time: journalists are inundated with blind pitches from public relations professionals every day. On the other hand, PR professionals may say they don’t have enough time to build targeted media lists. Especially for junior PR practitioners, we need to find a balance between being efficient and dedicating time to finding [...]

Long Lead Pitching: A Strategic Waiting Game

When it comes to long leads, there are two main types you’re likely to come across: trade and consumer. The type you’ll be pitching often depends on the client; if you have a B2B client, trade is often a good bet. Those clients who are primarily B2C will likely prefer consumer magazines. Ultimately, it depends [...]

Bringing Data to Life: How to communicate food & nutrition research to gain media attention

Co-authored by Joanne Tehrani, RD As marketers of food and beverage products, we often have the privilege of communicating newly published research with implications in consumer health and nutrition. When the research is sound, and the messaging effective, this can make a major impact on awareness and behavior. Look at blueberries –awareness of their health [...]

5 Tips for Writing Influential Op-Eds

An age-old component of public awareness campaigns is the op-ed. Whether the campaign is to influence legislation or change public behavior, fleshing out your argument in the editorial section of a targeted outlet can be an effective tactic to reach your organization’s goal. Here are a few tips to write an op-ed that not only [...]

The De-Newspaperization of America: What Does It Mean for Media Relations?

The rise of digital media has come at the expense of print journalism. In particular, the “de-newspaperization” of America is a clear reality to those of us working in media relations. When I became a media relations professional 13 years ago, print reporters typically had one beat, and had the time to develop deep stories [...]

The Dos & Don’ts of Broadcast Media Pitching

An Interview with Washington Business Report Anchor, Rebecca Cooper When it comes to pitching broadcast, there are really only two very important things to know: who to pitch and how to pitch. HA! Easier said than done, right? Well, lucky for you (and me), I was able to sit down with Rebecca Cooper, anchor of [...]