How to Predict the ROI of Organic SEO in 3 Easy Steps

SEO as a digital marketing tactic has continually had one of the highest ROI’s when compared to other digital tactics (left chart) year over year. The data driven nature of SEO makes it easy to measure and with any tactic in the digital marketing world measurement and clear results make it easier to calculate return [...]

Case Study: How to Grow Your Holiday Campaign

Special thanks to the co-author of this post, Kelsey Mohring, AAE, PadillaCRT We love a good holiday campaign…I mean who doesn’t? At this point, you’re (hopefully) already rockin’ around your 2013 campaign and are amidst the holiday hustle and bustle of executing your promotional tactics. You may be preoccupied with your current campaign but believe it or [...]

Keep Calm and Throw a Kick A$$ Twitter Party

You’re like a little kid at the candy store, you can hardly sit still you’re so excited about the exciting things you want to share with your audience. But you don’t want to just tell them, you want to knock their socks off! So how do you inspire your audience to put their dancing shoes [...]

4 Free Tools to Measure Your Instagram Success

You read Five Instagram Secrets for Health Brands  and you were inspired to start an Instagram for your brand. It seems to be going well so far; but how can you really measure your Instagram success? Here are four free tools businesses can use to keep track of their Instagram success: 1. SumAll – I just started [...]

What’s your yardstick? In corporate responsibility, how and what you measure matters.

By Cheryl Robinson, APR As PR pros, we look at measuring the success of our efforts using pretty clear criteria. But for companies trying to measure the impact of their corporate responsibility efforts, the formula, historically, has been much less clear. In our industry, measurement has evolved beyond just the numbers to include things like [...]

CSR: How Do You Figure Out What You’re Getting Back?

By Natalie Smith, APR Does “giving back” get you anything back? This is the question that often plagues companies as they establish and build their corporate social responsibility (CSR) platforms. Inevitably, battle lines are drawn not only over whether or not giving back provides a good return on investment, but over how to measure to [...]

5 Whys Jog Actionable Listening

I can pay to listen. I can listen for free. I can “monitor,” even. I can pay others to listen for me. I can lurk. I can engage. There have been some great posts on the tools for listening. The list for both paid tools and free tools is ever-expanding, it seems. If I want to [...]

Why Can’t We Measure Simple Things Simply?

by Michael Whitlow The age-old challenge of the public relations business is measurement. First, we want to measure impact – stuff that means something important to our organizations (we all know that most “followers” aren’t really following, right?), rather than just activity. Second, we want to be assured that the measurements we take are accurate. [...]