What We Can Learn About Creativity from ‘Mad Men’

Seven years into its run, the critics are turning against “Mad Men.” Harpers’ Jenny Diski says “Mad Men” is “rather stiff in its groping for authenticity,” and The New Republic’s Marc Tracy cites the show’s “trying-too-hard brand of seriousness.” Others have joined the chorus, saying “Mad Men” has never quite adjusted to the 60s. Not [...]

3 Branding Lessons Learned from Mad Men (#Demand13)

Last week, I attended the 2013 Vocus Conference, a Mad Men-themed event with Arianna Huffington as one of the keynotes. After missing two flights from Europe, taking a red eye to New York and driving to DC in order to attend the event, Huffington spoke about her opinions on the current communications environment and specifically [...]

5 Ways Brands Can Maximize Their Marketing to Moms (and Dads): Key Learnings from #M2Moms 2012

 By Emily Valentine (@ebvalentine)  I’m just back from 36 very stimulating hours at the world’s premier conference on marketing to moms, and literally buzzing with all that I learned. My hands-down highlight was getting to hear from (and then speak one-on-one with!!) one of the brilliant minds behind Procter & Gamble’s universally acclaimed Thank You [...]

Don Draper Decreed It: The Whiskey Trend Is Here To Stay (Even If It Is Cherry-Flavored)

THE BOOZE BIN By Rosalie Morton (@rosaliemo) A love of bourbon simply runs in my family. I forever will fondly remember my very southern grandmother, Kitty, sipping her Jim Beam Manhattan on rocks.  This appreciation was passed straight down to me, and what can I say? I’m a trendsetter. Bourbon and whiskey sales are booming. [...]