3 Branding Lessons Learned from Mad Men (#Demand13)

Last week, I attended the 2013 Vocus Conference, a Mad Men-themed event with Arianna Huffington as one of the keynotes. After missing two flights from Europe, taking a red eye to New York and driving to DC in order to attend the event, Huffington spoke about her opinions on the current communications environment and specifically [...]

5 Ways Brands Can Maximize Their Marketing to Moms (and Dads): Key Learnings from #M2Moms 2012

 By Emily Valentine (@ebvalentine)  I’m just back from 36 very stimulating hours at the world’s premier conference on marketing to moms, and literally buzzing with all that I learned. My hands-down highlight was getting to hear from (and then speak one-on-one with!!) one of the brilliant minds behind Procter & Gamble’s universally acclaimed Thank You [...]

Don Draper Decreed It: The Whiskey Trend Is Here To Stay (Even If It Is Cherry-Flavored)

THE BOOZE BIN By Rosalie Morton (@rosaliemo) A love of bourbon simply runs in my family. I forever will fondly remember my very southern grandmother, Kitty, sipping her Jim Beam Manhattan on rocks.  This appreciation was passed straight down to me, and what can I say? I’m a trendsetter. Bourbon and whiskey sales are booming. [...]