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Being a voyeur is not a game anymore

We like the risk of being watched. The thrill of knowing people follow your every move with rapt attention strokes the ego and makes us celebrities in our own little bubble. It started with blogs, went to lifestreaming, now location awareness with push notifications is the big game in town. So why is location based […]

Location, Location, Location!

A recent study from Gartner (see Mashable and eMarketer coverage) has highlighted the burgeoning location marketplace within smartphones. We’re nearing 100 million phones w/GPS chips on them. What does this mean for the marketer/communicator? Increasingly people can volunteer their GPS location when they are talking or using the Internet. Rather than get into the technology, […]

Clarification on “Social Media Is Dead”

Well, I’ve been called arrogant three times privately, anonymously and now publicly because of Thursday’s post on “Why a Final BlogPotomac: Social Media Really is Dead.” There have been public posts, some debating or decrying the discussion, others turning it into a parody.  My feelings about social media innovation still remain the same, but based […]