Silence is the Virtue of Fools

What he probably did not anticipate was for Coca-Cola to feature a story about the ban on its own website. Seem counterintuitive?

Brands That Are Great by Choice

I had the opportunity to hear from Morten Hansen, co-author of Great by Choice, at the recent Forum for Healthcare Strategists conference in Orlando. Here are some the key attributes of leaders who were able to lead companies in some of our country’s most volatile industries to succeed when others failed.

Follow the yellow brick road: Hospitals in search of the Wizard

How will hospitals differentiate themselves in the new world order of healthcare? Develop and implement a strategy that demonstrates how you care about wellness to your patients and to your community.

Recalculating……The New Era in Healthcare Demands New Approaches for Hospital Marketing

Out with the old and in with the new. But as there are limited dollars to spend, the Affordable Care Act has created a limited window of opportunity to make the shift from pushing out mass information to building relationships through targeted engagement.

What the BCS and Healthcare Rankings Have in Common: The importance of building reputation for hospitals and health systems

It’s that time of year again, when college football enthusiasts eagerly await the matchups for the annual bowl games. Granted, healthcare awards do not attract quite the same level of interest from the common man, nor do the rankings come replete with hard cash, but some of the rankings do favor popularity and name recognition over results.

The Healthcare Economy’s 9-9-9: Balancing Main Street and Wall Street

While many may think of 911 when they think of health care, there is a 9-9-9 currently characterizing our healthcare economy, and it is simply untenable. Something has to give.