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Every Day You Were Hustling—Was Your LinkedIN Profile?

When it comes to getting your business across on social media, LinkedIn is a great bet for B2B business development. Recently, I attended a session by Rick Curry with the American Marketing Association of Richmond on LinkedIn strategies. Afterwards I began to wonder if my social B2B strategy was really working—or even existent. Curry discussed […]

Secret Features on Social Media

The best social media platforms listen to their users, test and then implement features to help optimize the experience. But then let’s tell people about it, right? Most features I’ve learned from spending time on handles, posting for clients and from colleagues along the way. Some of the below I just learned from this handy […]

9 Tips to Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Boost

Around Mother’s Day, students across the country will graduate from colleges and universities and head out into the world to make a lasting impact. Some will go on to medicine school, others will study for the bar exam and the best will no doubt go into public relations. However, each student should have one thing […]

3 Quick Tips for a Better LinkedIn Business Presence

Traffic to your website

When it comes to social media, B2B companies need to focus most on growing their presence on LinkedIn. A 2013 study form InvestIQ showed that LinkedIn accounted for 64 percent of the social media traffic to corporate websites. The company recognizes its value in this sphere, and is going all-in, positioning itself as a lead […]

4 Tips to Get Your Health Care Company LinkedIn

If you’re a health care company, you probably need to do a lot of work on your LinkedIn presence. The professional networking site is too often relegated to an online jobs board, despite the multiple content-sharing tools the site has introduced over the last year. In fact, just this week LinkedIn opened up its previously invitation-only “influencers” program to everyone, giving users the opportunity to publish full-length content.

The Social Media Time-Suck, Klout and Why Influence Matters

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) Before I get into my new social media influence obsession, I’d like to get real for a second. Social media is pretty awesome, but it can also be a world-class time-suck. While my employer thankfully pays a great deal of attention to the importance of a work-life […]

Pop 2.0: Is Social Media Creating the Next Dot-Com Bubble?

By Jeff Wilson, APR (@wilson0507) Last year, I celebrated my 10th anniversary with my agency, CRT/tanaka. I was hired as a member of our then-Tech Practice, right at the height of the dot-com bubble. It was a heady time for PR. In many ways, we were meandering through an unchartered territory – much like the […]

Social Lubricant: 5 Tips on Using Social Media to Enhance Your Trade Show

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) One perk of the booze industry is attending trade events with hundreds of wines, new spirits and food pairings. But let’s face it; once you’ve been to one walk-around trade show, you have been to them all. Especially in the wine industry, when you are often working […]

When Sales Slump, Go Social My Friend

 THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) Based on a ‘Vint-ed’ post he wrote last month, Edward Deitch published an interesting article in Reuters today focusing on the stunning increase in social media use in the wine industry over the past year, mostly attributed to the effects of the economic downturn. According to a […]

LinkedIn: No-Nonsense Network for High Power, High Influentials

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) In Apple’s words, LinkedIn is “a no-nonsense site with little visual fluff and few distractions, it provides the perfect venue for busy professionals who have little time to spare.” With 70 million users and over 1 million company profiles, LinkedIn was co-founded by Reid Hoffman and Jean-Luc Vaillant to help us build […]