What It Takes to Lead: An Ode to the Leaders We Admire

By Caroline Helper (@forgetburgundy), Emily Lacy (@emstheticket) & Nikki Parrotte (@nikki_parrotte)   What makes a leader? Is it an innate trait within us or a skill that’s learned over time? Is it a carefully calculated risk or merely a happy accident? The answer is yes. All of the above. True leaders emerge in various ways [...]

Brands That Are Great by Choice

I had the opportunity to hear from Morten Hansen, co-author of Great by Choice, at the recent Forum for Healthcare Strategists conference in Orlando. Here are some the key attributes of leaders who were able to lead companies in some of our country’s most volatile industries to succeed when others failed.

Five Leadership Lessons from Martin Luther King Jr.

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) [This post was originally published on Jan 17th, 2011 and ranked one of the top posts at @crttanaka Buzz Bin. It is only fitting that we remind ourselves today of the great leadership that Sir Martin Luther King Jr. exhibited in the fight for civil rights and try to rise above [...]