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America Rising for Breakfast

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan Breakfast is back! Our mothers always told us it was the most important meal of the day, and it looks like we are finally starting to catch on. Whether it is for weight management, health, energy or alertness, more Americans are eating breakfast. Still, however, less than half of Americans are […]

The Truth about the Cost of Eating Healthy

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan Two studies released this week examining the cost of healthy foods show the gap between perception and reality. ShopSmart magazine conducted a national poll of women about eating healthy. What they found is that 88% make excuses for not eating healthful foods, with cost (57%) topping the list. Then just yesterday, […]

What’s Old is New Again

Last weekend, while getting dressed like an extra from the Broadway show Newsies for a 20’s-themed surprise party at the Manhattan club Prohibition, my thoughts drifted to the resurgence of trends and nostalgia for times past. Bell bottoms, leg warmers and moon boots have all had their questionable rises and returns to cultural popularity. Food […]

IACP Ready to Take Bite Out of the Big Apple

The International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) will converge on New York City for its annual conference this weekend. The “Fashion of Food” is this year’s theme, looking at food beyond just sustenance. Truly it can be appreciated on many levels for its flavor, aesthetics, texture and even the story behind how it arrived on […]

Feeling Slimed by Food Labeling?

By now you have probably heard of “finely textured beef” or at least its more popular name, “pink slime,” which has been in our ground beef for years, and recently brought to public attention. In fact, unless you have only consumed organic ground beef, you have probably ingested it. J.M. Hirsch did a great job […]

Are Twinkies the Next Tobacco?

By Jason Stemm (@NYCubsFan) What do Tony the Tiger and Joe Camel have in common? The question has been battled out in Washington over the last two years, under the radar of budget cuts and debt defaults. Millions of lobbying dollars have been spent by the food manufacturing industry to limit and even eliminate legislation […]

A Look at Food Policy from the Nation’s Capital

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan This past week I was in Washington DC for the International Foodservice Editorial Council’s annual conference. As president of the group, it was quite a bit different than the previous ten years I’ve attended. The group and conference are driven by the unique opportunity for editors and writers to network with […]

whatcanbe for a Healthier Future

By Jason Stemm (@NYCubsFan) At CRT/tanaka, we have a word, whatcanbe, which guides us in imagining the possibilities for ourselves and our clients. It is both a creative process and a cultural ethos that is ingrained across offices and practice areas. During a recent agency-wide retreat, we were asked to articulate our whatcanbe and share […]

PMA Fresh Summit Offers Glimpse of the Future

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan I am just back from Atlanta and this year’s Fresh Summit, the annual conference attended by the global supply chain of growers, packagers, exporters and distributors from over 50 countries hosted by the Produce Marketing Association. There were many reasons to get excited about the produce industry, including new people, new […]

Healthy Eating Deserves a Food Fight

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan I’ll be heading down to Atlanta tomorrow for the Produce Marketing Association #FreshSummit. It has been six years since the show visited the Peach State, and a lot has changed in that time. According to the CDC, in 2005, about 33% of U.S. adults ate 2+ servings of fruit per day […]