Chilling the Cocktail Scene

THE BOOZE BIN By Cassandra Bianco (@cnbianco) 80% of learning occurs visually. Yet, well-directed educational videos are still hard to come by from brands. In PR we need to create video in addition to media relations in telling our stories. Visual content is as important as reading articles for our audiences. As far as bottom-line [...]

A Keyword Rich Website is a Successful Website

By Jason Poulos (@TheSaganaki) In just about every one of my posts so far I’ve stressed the importance of keywords. As I’ve said before, keywords are the cornerstone of SEO. Without well-crafted and thoroughly researched keywords it’s going to be hard to maximize a website’s exposure through search engines. Think of keywords as search terms; [...]

Beyond Web Design: Four Components to a Successful Website

By: Jason Poulos (@TheSaganaki) Having a slick design and some dynamic functionality on your website can only be considered the beginning of a successful website. If the conversation with your client is only based around aesthetics and functionality, I urge you to keep on reading in order to grow your digital footprint and to increase [...]