Top 5 Websites for Design Inspiration

1. Pinterest This is one of my new, favorite go-to websites. I usually use the iPhone app for Pinterest and navigate to Explore : Design. It helps to provide some inspiration especially when I am on the go. As a busy soccer mom, I need to take advantage of those quiet moments when I can [...]

TEDxRVA: Redefining Inspiration and Creativity

Inspiration and creativity can come from many sources – an elementary art teacher, a cross-country runner, a 16-year-old student, a gold medal Olympian, or even a mom. Simply by listening to others’ ideas, passions, struggles and triumphs, we too can experience the real moments of strangers, reflect on them and become inspired by their example. [...]

Engagement? Try Exasperation.

A few Sundays ago I reached the tipping point. It started out as a typical Sunday afternoon. My two sons, inspired by the previous night’s bedtime story of the Avengers, transformed into Iron Man and the “Credible” Hulk to fight evil doers in the basement. My wife was at the store rummaging for milk, school [...]

What It Takes to Lead: An Ode to the Leaders We Admire

By Caroline Helper (@forgetburgundy), Emily Lacy (@emstheticket) & Nikki Parrotte (@nikki_parrotte)   What makes a leader? Is it an innate trait within us or a skill that’s learned over time? Is it a carefully calculated risk or merely a happy accident? The answer is yes. All of the above. True leaders emerge in various ways [...]