Strong Brands Support Strong Reputations

By Debbie Myers (@debamyers) This article first appeared, in part, in HBAdvantage, a newsletter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. With healthcare reform driving increased scrutiny of hospitals and providers by the government, insurance companies and consumers, the importance of managing corporate reputation is a topic that has reached the C-suite. However, many organizations do not have [...]

Healthcare’s Allergic Reaction to PPACA

Like allergy season, PPACA creates a chain reaction. How you embrace and respond to these industry shifts through communications and marketing impacts your healthcare organization’s strategy and reputation.

Thought leadership is key to hospital social media success

By Jenn Riggle Unless organizations have a thought leadership platform, their social media and media relations efforts are destined to fall on deaf ears. Shel Israel’s recent Forbes article explored the topic of thought leadership and got me thinking. While not a new concept, thought leadership is important because it helps define why others should [...]

iPads and Electronic Medical Records: Are they ready for prime time?

By Jenn Riggle Information is power – especially when it comes to helping people make better decisions about their own health. This explains why health information is one of the most popular subjects people search for online. The challenge is that while doctors believe that mobile technology and iPads can play a beneficial role in [...]

From Babies to Brands: Three Steps for Picking the Best Name

My family has been in the naming business of late. Both of my daughters are expecting. Usually I’m in the position of helping healthcare companies rebrand or name new services. So, could the advice I provide clients help my kids through this daunting task? Well, let’s see.

Hospital blogs strike fear in the heart of marketers

By Jenn Riggle One of the best ways to create thought leadership and develop a national reputation is to develop an external blog. Yet only 149 of the nation’s more than 5,700 registered hospitals have a corporate blog. This is a big issue because some community hospitals are now interested in building national reputation. Why? [...]

What the BCS and Healthcare Rankings Have in Common: The importance of building reputation for hospitals and health systems

It’s that time of year again, when college football enthusiasts eagerly await the matchups for the annual bowl games. Granted, healthcare awards do not attract quite the same level of interest from the common man, nor do the rankings come replete with hard cash, but some of the rankings do favor popularity and name recognition over results.

Is your hospital ready for a HIPAA audit?

By Jenn Riggle Just in time for the holidays, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), which enforces HIPAA privacy and security rules on behalf of the Department of Health & Human Services, announced it is ramping up its enforcement activities. While nothing to celebrate, these audits are definitely worth preparing for. In the past, OCR [...]

Are physicians ready for consumer-driven healthcare?

I have great respect for physicians. I think most people do. In fact, doctors were ranked in second place (right behind firefighters and before nurses and scientists) in a Harris poll that measured consumer perceptions of the top 23 professions So, why are some doctors having a Rodney Dangerfield moment and feeling like they “get no respect?”

Healthcare can learn a lot about reputation from Troy Polamalu

If healthcare companies, or any company for that matter, could manage their reputations as if they were Troy Polamalu, we would all live in a better world. When advising clients on reputation, I tell them there are six steps to building reputation that will ensure their company can win, even when they are not on their best game.