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The Fear Factor: Getting Americans to Choose Vaccination over the Flu

By Kim Blake (@kimkblake) If you are like many Americans, you’re watching the news in a panic because the flu is rampant and you didn’t get your flu shot.  It’s not like this is the first time it’s happened – the flu comes around every year just like birthdays and anniversaries.  But, like a bad […]

5 Reasons for Businesses to Blog in 2013

Though social media has become an integrated part of virtually all businesses and their communications strategies, it surprises me that some companies are still questioning the value of a blog. Here are 5 reasons for healthcare organizations to embrace this .

The One Percent in Healthcare – Can Hospitals Make It Personal?

by April Sciacchitano (@aprilcs) H&HN recently reported on the costliest one percent of patients.  They comprise 20 percent of healthcare spending, and visited the emergency room about 10 times in the past year.  Meanwhile, healthcare is on a mission to reduce costs and improve outcomes – and any solution that can do both at once […]

Identity Crisis: Mergers of Secular and Faith-based Health Systems

Most hospitals and health systems are looking to partner or align in some way. Why? For solid business reasons. However, some mergers, acquisitions and alignments are failing – it must be about more than just the numbers.

Strong Brands Support Strong Reputations

By Debbie Myers (@debamyers) This article first appeared, in part, in HBAdvantage, a newsletter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. With healthcare reform driving increased scrutiny of hospitals and providers by the government, insurance companies and consumers, the importance of managing corporate reputation is a topic that has reached the C-suite. However, many organizations do not have […]

Healthcare’s Allergic Reaction to PPACA

Like allergy season, PPACA creates a chain reaction. How you embrace and respond to these industry shifts through communications and marketing impacts your healthcare organization’s strategy and reputation.

Thought leadership is key to hospital social media success

By Jenn Riggle Unless organizations have a thought leadership platform, their social media and media relations efforts are destined to fall on deaf ears. Shel Israel’s recent Forbes article explored the topic of thought leadership and got me thinking. While not a new concept, thought leadership is important because it helps define why others should […]

iPads and Electronic Medical Records: Are they ready for prime time?

By Jenn Riggle Information is power – especially when it comes to helping people make better decisions about their own health. This explains why health information is one of the most popular subjects people search for online. The challenge is that while doctors believe that mobile technology and iPads can play a beneficial role in […]

From Babies to Brands: Three Steps for Picking the Best Name

My family has been in the naming business of late. Both of my daughters are expecting. Usually I’m in the position of helping healthcare companies rebrand or name new services. So, could the advice I provide clients help my kids through this daunting task? Well, let’s see.

Hospital blogs strike fear in the heart of marketers

By Jenn Riggle One of the best ways to create thought leadership and develop a national reputation is to develop an external blog. Yet only 149 of the nation’s more than 5,700 registered hospitals have a corporate blog. This is a big issue because some community hospitals are now interested in building national reputation. Why? […]