10 Ways Whole Foods is Raising the Bar in #CSR

My love affair with Whole Foods started in college, when I would drive 20 minutes to their nearest store just so I could get my pick of the juiciest grapefruits, creamiest avocados and crunchiest granola in town. Since then, my fondness for the brand has only grown, and while this has a lot to do [...]

5 Ways Food and Nutrition Brands Can Reach Millennials

Why McDonald’s New McWrap Missed the Point McDonald’s Millennial problem has been the talk of the town with the launch of its biggest product of the year, the McWrap. In an attempt to win over the Millennial generation, the McWrap, referred to as the “Subway buster,” is supposed to offer customization and variety, two highly [...]

Moments of Health and Wellness Are Possible At Work… If You Stop to Recognize Them

By Ryan Lamont (@RyLamont) Before you read on, I want to warn you, this post is just as much about life as it is about public relations. And what I’m about to tell you is simple. For those two reasons, I think it’s worth sharing. I’m pretty sure we’d all agree that PR is a [...]

Olympics on Your Mind? Three Ways to Become a Better Athlete

If the 2012 Olympic Games chatter is inspiring you to step up your athletic performance, read here for three strategies that may help you become a better athlete.

The Science of Getting Healthy – What Marketers Can Learn from Research

From corporations to insurers to health care providers, there is a rush to reward those who take proactive steps in living a healthier lifestyle…even in academic research. Read how Denver is taking the lead in this trend.